Your Brand GPS

MIrror, Mirror on the Wall
May 15, 2011
Are you marrying material?
May 28, 2011

We all make mistakes.  Sometimes we don't realize we are making the mistake until after it's done, but a lot of times there are hints along the way that something isn't quite right.  Those hints come to us in the form of feelings.  Some people call those feelings their "little voice."  I like to think of the little voice as our Brand GPS.  It keeps us on course and gets us to our destination in the quickest, easiest way possible.  If you are clear about your brand, you can use your inner voice to guide you to make decisions that best serve your goals.

However, there are times we all go "off brand" for whatever reason.  We make a decision that does not align with our brand, with the best of who we are or how we want to be percieved by others.  We get cocky and think we know better than the GPS so we make a wrong turn and go off course.  I recently did an audition where I sang as aria that was low and slow and the best part of my voice is my high notes!  As with any mistake the important thing is to get back on course as quickly as possible, apologize if necessary and learn from what happened. 

If you feel yourself going off course, check in with your inner guidance system, your Brand GPS.  What was your original destination?  Where did you go wrong?  Why did you choose to ignore the road signs?  How can you get back on track?  Where is the best place to turn around?  The clearer you get about the answers, the quicker you can get back on the road and avoid those nasty detours in the future