You don’t get paid to sing in the shower…

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June 29, 2017
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January 16, 2018

Are you afraid of being too visible?

I talk to a lot of entrepreneurs and often hear the following, “You know Heather, I don’t want to be a STAR, I just want to run my business.”

I used to think, “Well, different strokes for different folks,” but I don’t feel that way any more. Now, I’m pretty much convinced that not wanting to be a star is simply fear masked as something else.

Before you think I’m being judgmental, let me assure you, my belief comes from my own experience.

You may think, based on my brand, that I am and have always been very comfortable being visible. However, internally there have been many times I’ve wanted to retreat and run for the hills.

Those times usually look like the following:

-My launch didn’t work so I feel embarrassed and want to hide.
-I’m afraid IF I launch, no one will show up.
-I’m afraid if I put myself out there and screw up, I’ll ruin my entire career.
-I’m afraid I’m in over my head and people are going to see I’m just a poser.
-I’m afraid I’ll say the wrong thing and offend someone.
-I’m afraid people will see I’m not 25 years old and 120 lbs.
-I worry other people will think I’m haughty or too self-centered.

Can you relate to any of those scenarios? Yours may look slightly different than mine, but I think we all share similar feelings. It usually comes down to this…

“What if I really put myself out there and I fail?”

I honestly think that’s what it all boils down to. Because here’s the thing. If you are in business, you should WANT massive visibility. You should WANT to the star!

Plain and simple:
-The greater the visibility, the greater the profit potential.
-The more people who know about you, the more you can sell.
-The higher esteem you hold in your client’s eyes, the more you can charge.
-The more prestige your brand carries, the bigger and better opportunities you are afforded.
-The more famous you are for good work, the more people will seek YOU out instead of you chasing down leads.
-The bigger your reach, the more lives you can impact!

Please tell me, as a business owner, why wouldn’t you want that? Fame in your industry does not make you a shallow, egomaniac. You can be a jerk with or without fame and you can be a heart-centered, giving person with or without fame. Fame is just a tool and used in the right way, can change your life and the lives of millions of people for the better.

It’s also ok to want to make more money, a LOT more money. Seriously, if you are in business and don’t want to make more money, there is a disconnect. If you won $100,0000,000 in the lottery, would probably wouldn’t say, “Oh no, I don’t want that. Take that dirty money away from me!” So why not really go after what you want? Why not get paid a lot of money by letting the world know how you can add more value to their lives using your talents and expertise?

If you find yourself retreating from the idea of being a star or being highly visible in your industry, check-in with yourself. Is it that you really don’t want more money and better quality clients, or is fear getting in your way? If the answer if fear, give yourself a challenge to be a little more visible every day. Because as I always say…

“You don’t get paid to sing in the shower!” (CLICK to Tweet this.)


And one final thing, if you are feeling in any way insecure about being a star, I want to assure you, you have everything it takes to create your own celebrity. YOU are amazing. YOU have beautiful talent to share. YOU have an inspirational story to tell. YOU are beautiful. And YOU have a purpose bigger than your fears.

It’s time to step out the shower, Dorothy, and step onto the stage!


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Until next TIME, you got this and here’s to hitting all your high notes!