Who do you want to be when you grow up?

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May 26, 2014
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What did you dream of becoming when you were little? I wanted to be an Olympic gymnast. Then I wanted to be a pastor’s wife, because my pastor’s wife was beautiful and an excellent musician. In high school, my dreamed changed to wanting to be on the Olympic volleyball team. At 5’7″ I don’t think there was much hope for winning gold on the balance beam…

How did your dreams change over time?

In college, I started as a double-major in music and poli-sci and was determined to be a politician. And then in grad school my attention focused on making it to the Metropolitan Opera. Did any of these dreams come true? Well, yes and no. Did I go on to be an Olympic athlete? No, but I did play competitive volleyball for many years and I have sung for thousands of people.

Our dreams and passions are indicators of what we want out of life. Depending on where we are in the moment, our brains come up with visions of how those urges might be fulfilled. For instance, you may have a strong desire to express your creativity. In the scope of the whole universe, that desire could get expressed in a myriad of ways. You could paint, sing, design buildings or event draw graffiti. There’s really no limit. However, how you choose to express that desire depends largely on what your natural aptitudes are and what you see in front of you.

I wanted to be a gymnast because I saw Nadia Comaneci score a perfect 10 in the Montreal Olympics. When I went to college I had just returned from a year abroad on a congressional scholarship where I spent the year studying different forms of government and meeting with Bundestag members. Before I went to Germany, I had never thought of going into politics. It was only because of the new experiences, people and opportunities I encountered that my interest had been sparked.

However, the desire for our dreams to be fulfilled is not just a reflection our skills and experiences. It comes from a much deeper drive. If I trace back the real reason for wanting to be a politician wasn’t because of a passion for government. It came from a deeper desire to be powerful. And at the time because of my recent experiences, my interpretation of a powerful person was a politician. Do you see how that works?

When you take the time to dig deep and discover what it is you are truly trying to excavate from your time on earth, you may be surprised at how you manifest your skills and talents. Your path may be circuitous, but it will be fulfilling and you won’t agonize so much over your choices because you will be needing your needs.

To feel powerful I could have taken many different paths. I could have been a powerful athlete or a powerful politician, but instead I became an opera singer with a powerful voice.  Now, I seek to be a powerful business woman.

So next time you are feeling stuck, don’t fret so much. Just understand that your mind and heart are trying to talk to each other. Here’s my advice, let your heart do the talking, your mind do the listening and the universe do the interpreting. Then put your body into motion and I’m willing to bet you will have a pretty sweet life, and a very successful business.

Your feedback is music to my ears!

What do you want to be when you grow up? What is the next phase for you in business? What stops you from moving forward?

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Heather Poduska is a brand strategist, business coach and opera singer who helps entrepreneurs and small business owners create client attractive brands, polished brand images and brand communication strategies to increase their visibility and impact in the marketplace and grow their businesses.