Who are you singing to?

“It’s a Beautiful Day”
September 17, 2011
Don’t Let Your Brand Goals Fall Behind.
October 1, 2011

Who are you singing to?It may come a surprise to some of you, but not everyone likes opera. "How is that possible?" you say. Shocking, I know. There are actually people on this planet who would rather shoot a staple gun into their foot than listen to a soprano screech out a high C. It's just not their thing.

This used to really bother me. How could not everyone love opera? Who wouldn't want to hear the most pure and powerful sound a human voice can make? And what about the sheer beauty of the music, the swell of the orchestra, the pathos, the drama, the spectacle? It was hurtful to me to realize that one of the things I love the very most actually revolts some people. I used to think maybe those people just didn't understand opera, that they had to be educated. Perhaps they just hadn't heard it enough times, or heard the right piece, or the right singer.  If they did, they would get it. They would see the light.

You may feel that way about your business. You love what you do. You provide a great service, great value. You feel like you've created something beautiful that people will absolutely love, but when you put it out there, you realize not everybody does. They may even think what you do is silly or unnecessary. I know that feeling hurts, but don't let it get you down. The good news is there are other people in the world who will love what you do.

The thing about great brands is that they do not and should not appeal to everyone. If a brand is really strong it should actually repel some people. The goal of branding is not to attract and convert the whole world. Focusing on the whole world takes a lot of time, energy and money and the results are disappointing.  When you narrow your focus and have clarity with your brand, you attract the right people, those people who resonate with you, your services, your message and your style. Those are the folks who will become your biggest fans and you won't have to strong-arm them into liking you. You will draw them to your brand with your authenticity and excellence.

So you have a choice, you can stand on the street corner singing your little heart out hoping and praying  passersby will throw money into your tip jar OR you can refine your voice, clarify your niche and find just the right audience for your talents. When you do, you will find and grow a raving fan base. Not everyone is going to love your brand and what you do, and that's ok. You can still think they're crazy, just don't waste your time trying to convert the nay-sayers. You've got a show to do!