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October 10, 2013
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October 24, 2013

Let me ask you something, how big is your dream? Do you even know? Although some people aim high when contemplating their goals, most of us stop ourselves from thinking really big. Instead of reaching for the stars, we cut ourselves off before we even leave the ground.

This seems to be especially true for women. Ask a woman entrepreneur what her dream for her business is and often the response will be “Oh, I don’t need much. I just want to make enough to contribute to our family.” While it’s certainly admirable to contribute to the family, it does not exactly evoke a jump-up-and-down feeling. “Yeah, I helped buy groceries this week.” Fizzle…fizzle…

Of course, if you haven’t been able to afford groceries, that may very well be a big goal. However, just managing to pay for the necessities is not exactly living an abundant life. That is getting by. How about envisioning instead a life where you have not only enough to pay for groceries, you have enough to buy organic strawberries, artisan cheese and fine French wine whenever you feel like it. Heck, why not skip the grocery store altogether and go to your favorite restaurant. No wait, how about flying a private jet to Italy to eat pasta on a terrace overlooking the Mediterranean!

Did you feel your energy change as you read through that last paragraph? Did you get more and more excited and happy, or did it make you feel more and more anxious? Did you have thoughts of, that’s too extravagant? Only rich people get to do things like fly private jets. My point exactly, but who’s to say that rich person can’t be you!

We tend to limit our dreams. We worry wanting more makes us selfish or self-centered. But how many poor people can fund cancer research initiatives or create scholarship funds for needy kids to go to college? And who’s to say wanting a big life in and of itself is greedy? You having wonderful things and experiences does not take away from someone else having wonderful things.@HeatherPoduska (tweet this)

We tend to get caught up in a lack mentality. There’s only so much to go around, but the truth is, there is plenty to go around. The real question is are you willing to do what it takes to create a big life? Ah, now there’s the crux of the dilemma. What will you have to do to get your big dream? What will you have to sacrifice?

One of my favorite sayings is “Successful entrepreneurs are willing to do for a few years what most people won’t in order to live the rest of their lives the way most people can’t.” I can guarantee you, when successful entrepreneurs are in the trenches with their noses to the grind stone, they are not thinking, “I don’t need much. I can just get by. If I can only make enough this week to contribute a little to the family…” No way! You need a vision big to achieve big success.

Another reason we limit ourselves is because we are afraid if really put ourselves out there we may still fail. In sports this is called tanking. An athlete may worry she is going to lose a game so instead of putting her best effort forward and suffering defeat, disappointment and possible humiliation, she stops trying or tanks her performance. It is a way of saving face and protecting yourself. However, you can either play it safe or play to win, not both.

Your dream may not be flying jets around the world. Maybe your dream is to start a school in Africa or have a freedom-based lifestyle to spend more time with your kids. The important thing is to give yourself something to aim for which motivates you.

If you are going to run a marathon, you don’t fuel your race with a hand full of crumbs!

I was at a success workshop recently where each of us was given an envelope with a very special message inside. On the card was written the words “Why not me?” Why not? Why shouldn’t you be the one to succeed? Why shouldn’t you get what you really want? Is the person next to you more deserving, more special? I don’t think so.

You will never achieve your dreams if you don’t admit to them. They will stay locked up inside your heart where they will be sure not to offend anyone. You will stay small and comfortable while the girl next door books her flight to Paris. Why not you?

I love to hear your voice!

What is your big vision for your business?

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