What is Your Brand Song?

Hustle & Flow
October 29, 2011
Baby it’s Cold Outside
November 14, 2011

What is Your Brand Song?Earlier this fall I was in the studio recording my Christmas album. I love Christmas music so it was such a fun day singing through all that beautiful music with my pianist. However, before we could get to the point of laying down the tracks I had to choose the actual songs to go on the album. Of course, I choose many of the classics, but I threw in a couple of lesser known, although beautiful, pieces as well. One of those pieces is a song called “The Carol of the Birds.”

The first time I heard this song was many years ago when a friend of mine performed it in college. I never forgot how beautiful the tune was, so when it came time to choose for my album this year I knew it had to go on. It’s an absolute gem. Although it may not be a mainstream American Christmas classic, this little piece has passed the test of time and has been sung and performed by great artists over several centuries.

As I was recording, I started to think about what made this song so special and gave it sticking power. In fact, it is not complex or showy. The tune dates all the way back to 9th century Catalonia.  It is a simple folk song.  However, its melody manages to be both sweet and haunting at the same time.  As you listen you are both lulled and moved deeply by its longing phrases. It soars, it whispers and reaches in to touch your heart. All this from a simple little folk song.

Almost all Western music is based on the same basic scale. There are only so many notes to choose from, but the possibilities of how to put those notes in combination is practically endless. The composer’s job is to choose and arrange those notes to make the music and express themselves. The same holds true for the entrepreneur. It is your job to find and choose those “notes” which best represent and express your talents. This is what creates a unique and powerful brand. It is not how spectacular or bombastic you can be, it is how authentic, creative, pure, and focused you can be. After all, “Carol of the Birds” is a not a symphony, it is a one-page melody and look at its impact over time.

In spite of all the great music that has already been written, we all still wait and watch for the next big hit. There is always room for something that moves us and changes our lives in some way. If you are doing business the right way you are also touching and changing lives. There will be room for you too, but first you must choose your notes and make your original composition which will be your own powerful personal brand. Once you do, your brand will sing!

Stayed tuned for the release of my new Christmas album. It will be available soon. I will keep you posted.