What Makes A Signature Talk Different Than Other Presentations?

Episode 12: “How To Create A Brand Story That Sells” with the Story Stylist, Gayle Nowak.
January 19, 2016
When Doves Cry…
April 22, 2016

“How To Know What Content To Include In A Signature Talk”

Whether it’s the first time or the tenth time you’re creating a signature talk, the question of what to include for content always comes up. How do you know what to include and what to leave out?

The first thing you want to remember about giving a talk to sell is your audience is there to get a taste of what it would be like to work with you. This means you want to give something delicious and enticing, but you don’t want to lay out an entire feast. Think of your talk as a sexy cocktail party where you are the charming host not a rich Thanksgiving Dinner where everyone leaves feeling bloated.

Most entrepreneurs, especially women, want to give, give, give. It usually comes from a place of wanting to prove ourselves, but what happens when you over-give is you shoot your profits in the foot. When you give too much of your juicy content, you don’t give people a reason to move forward. They’ve already gotten enough to take the next step…without YOU.

Another reason over-giving is so detrimental to your sales is it overwhelms your audience. They can’t process all the information so they are either frantically taking notes or tuning you out. In either case, they are not present or emotionally engaged in your talk where they need to be to buy.

Your content also needs to be clear and the points well-defined. Please, I beg of you, DON’T WING IT.  You want to be thoughtful about the most important pieces of information your audience needs right now and deliver that content in a step-by-step manner.

Finally, if you are smart, you will choose content that aligns with your offer. Your signature talk should be a well-oiled, pre-meditated selling machine that seamlessly guides your audience to buy. When you backwards engineer your copy from your offer, you will have a much better sense of what to include and a much better chance of closing the room!

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