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February 12, 2014
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February 26, 2014

Well, hello there Luscious. I want to welcome you to the R-rated post. It’s going to be a scorcher. I mean it’s going to get so hot up in here you’re going to need fan. Are you ready?

I am about to tell you the hottest, most effective sales technique in the universe. It is something that is a guaranteed to make your clients salivate for more.

Ok, here it is. I’m going to pull back the covers now and let you see the surprise.

Hold on there Sally, not so fast. We’re going to take this slow… real slow. Just a little bit at a time. Let’s make it last. Believe me, it will be worth the wait.

Because when you wrap your head around this technique, it’s going to literally blow your socks off. Hey, it may even blow the socks off your clients. They are going LOVE it. It’s going to make them so excited. You are going to make them feel great and you are going to feel great in return.

Have you figured it out yet? I sure hope so, because if I drop any more hints I’m going to be as naked as a girl losing at strip poker.

I know your anticipation has been building, so here’s the juicy secret, (it’s really not that much of a secret)… sex sells.

“Aw, Heather, there’s nothing new about that.” You are absolutely right! It’s the oldest trick in the book. You know why it’s so old? Because it works! I’m going to ask you something and I want you to be completely honest. Were you intrigued by my blog post title? So much so perhaps you clicked on it when in the past you may have skipped over my other articles? (Shame on you!) My guess is probably so, because we are hard-wired to respond to sexual messages.

Now before you get too agitated, I am not suggesting you do anything unseemly. What I am suggesting, however, is making things more sensual for your audience. We tend to get so focused on the dry ingredients of business building, we forget to add the spice! But the spice is what makes things interesting!

Let’s face it, would you rather eat this:


Hey, you can buy steak at the butcher shop or you can go to the Capital Grille. Same steak, totally different experience.

And there it is…

It’s about the experience you offer your clients. Your audience is less concerned with the steps of your process and way more interested in the way they feel while engaging with you. And how do you want them to feel about you? Excited, intrigued and tempted? Do you want to awaken their desire for your services? Of course you do!

That’s not to say your brand should be all show and no substance. You absolutely need to be able to deliver stellar results as well, but quite honestly, there are a million resources available for every need under the sun these days. Come on, how many health coaches, business coaches, life coaches etc. are out there?  A lot my friend, a LOT. So how are you going to win the hearts of your audience? You’ve got turn up the heat.

So next time you are writing a blog, putting together a sales letter, heck even thinking about your next Facebook post, try to think of a way to convey your message that will get hearts a-thumpin’.

As the great Bonnie Raitt says “Let’s give ’em somethin’ to talk about”…;)

I love to hear your voice!

What can you think of right now to spice up your brand? What is one brand you find irresistible? Why?

Post your answers below in the comments or find me on Facebook.

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Heather Poduska is a brand strategist, business coach and opera singer who helps entrepreneurs and small business owners create client attractive brands, polished brand images and brand communication strategies to increase their visibility and impact in the marketplace and grow their businesses.