Want To Master Time?

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June 9, 2017
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June 29, 2017

Do you ever finding yourself saying, “I wish I had more time?”

Our lives can often feel out of balance. We get stuck involved in tasks or projects that suck our energy and keep us from doing the things we really want to do. We take on more than we can handle and find ourselves overwhelmed.

It seems like there’s always something that feels unmanageable. We can’t seem to carve out time to go to the gym. Our summer calendar gets booked and we regret not allowing time to sit on the hammock with a cold drink and a juicy novel. As entrepreneurs, we get behind on our launches, miss opportunities to follow-up on leads, tax our minds with busy work and neglect our bodies all because we’re crunched for time.

Whatever the specifics of the situation, running out of time can result in feeling rushed, anxious, sad or even resentful and for good reason. We are missing out on the best parts of our lives, leaving money on the table and pushing aside our deeper callings. Why do we do this to ourselves?

I think the answer is pretty simple… fear.

We fear if we don’t work our asses off, we won’t make the money we need. If we don’t say yes when we should say no, we’re afraid people won’t like us or we will disappointment those we love. We’re afraid if we don’t fill every moment of the day with activity, we’ll be forced to become present with uncomfortable feelings. So instead, it’s busy, busy, busy, push, push, push. And then we wonder where all our time goes.

But what if we could make just a little space for self-love? 

“Oh, boy, here she goes again with that mushy stuff…” Yes, I’m going there, because THERE is exactly where the answer lies.

What if you loved yourself enough to give yourself what you NEED to feel whole, to feel energized, to feel creative? What if you gave yourself the boundaries you need to protect your goals? What if you gave yourself the SUPPORT your need to achieve your dreams?

The reason we are all crunched for time is because we have not learned to VALUE ourselves and our deepest desires. The black and white truth is there are only so many moments in a lifetime. How we choose to spend those moments either supports or detracts from our biggest priorities.

The problem is, most of us either don’t have a clear understanding of our priorities or we don’t think we deserve what we really want. I know that’s deep, but it’s the truth. If we really believed we were worthy of our dreams, why would fill our days with meaningless distractions? We wouldn’t.

It takes some self-reflection to bring things into alignment, but it is so worth it. With each baby step you take towards reclaiming your time, you create more breathing room for your authentically delicious life to emerge.

Here are some practical tools to help you become the master of your time:

1. Prioritize your priorities. It’s easy to get overwhelmed even when you think you understand your priorities because there are usually many things that are important to us. However, not all priorities are created equally and not all priorities are timely. It may be a priority to you to save for retirement, however, it might be a bigger, more urgent priority for you to make memories with your family traveling over the summer.

2. Be a ruthless editor. Once you are clear on what your top current priorities are, anything that gets in the way of those priorities has to either go or be put on the back burner. For example, if you want to dramatically increase your profits, you may have to edit out relationships with people who have a negative money mindset.  Or if your priority is to be a present parent while you build your business, you may have to put that book-signing tour on hold.

3. Create what you want. Have you ever noticed when you are doing something you love, times flies? If you are building a LIFE you love, time will take on a whole new quality. If you value family dinners and make that time together a priority, if you sit and really commune and connect, you will be satiated in deep and meaningful way and that frenetic “need-to-move-on-to-the-next-thing” feeling will dissolve. The same is true in your business. If you are building a business model that excites you from your head to your toes, you will have all the time you need to work on it because you’ll FIND the time to make it happen. Have you ever noticed if you are craving chocolate ice-cream, somehow even if it’s 10:30 pm, you find the energy to make a run to the grocery store. (at least I do:)

4. “This IS the thing.” Of course, there are always tasks that we don’t like doing that need to get done. However, if you have your eye on the prize, you can start to see those necessary obligations as worthy and noble. A mantra I have started using when I find myself involved in a specific action I find unpleasant, boring or frustrating is saying “This IS the thing.” We tend to think, “When I get done with this, I can get back to the thing I really want to do.” However, if you are in alignment with your authentic priorities, the smaller, more mundane tasks are also in service of your dream and you can start to feel that in the moment. What you are doing IS the thing because it’s part of the bigger goal.

I hope you found this helpful in looking at time in a new way. There is a great book I like to recommend called The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks. He talks about creating time. I think it’s a really cool way to look at it too. Some of this article is based on my thoughts about what Gay says, however, it’s also based on my own life experience. When you take time to love yourself more deeply, you allow space for what matters most to reveal itself to you.

Remember, YOU are the source of all your perceive and all you do. If you honor who you are and what you are here to do first, the rest will fall into place. Namaste!