Jeannie Spiro

Jennifer Truesdale
August 19, 2016
Trish O’Neill
August 23, 2016

I came to Heather wanting to create a brand that would help me stand out as well as create a strong presence in my field. I needed more clarity to create a consistent message around what I uniquely offer and whom I best serve. I also wanted to create a more polished professional image to match my level of expertise as I am looking to become known as a sought out speaker in my field.

It was terrific working with Heather. I felt like she really understood what I was looking for. Not only did she have great ideas, she was also easy to work with. I found talking through my ideas with her and getting her expert feedback to be extremely helpful. I now have a clear plan to follow as to what I need to do to create a brand that authentically represents me and my business.

I am really excited about making all the changes recommended and about the new look. I also feel great because I know this work will not only help me be seen as a leader, but also with my own growth.

Working with Heather is a must! It is well worth the time and investment and should be done at the beginning of starting a business. It’s a real no-brainer!

Jeannie Spiro is The Entrepreneur Creator (TM). Jeannie specializes in helping professionals successfully transition from corporate life to entrepreneurship.