Debora McLaughlin

Gayle Nowak
August 19, 2016
Kathleen Delaney Campbell
August 19, 2016

Like many business owners, I knew I was on the cusp of a big launch, everything was falling into place, clients I loved working with, services that caused transformations in leaders and in organizations, but I was missing one thing…the key words that clearly and concisely indicated what I do.

Heather was able to easily extract my message from my dissertation of words and filter it down to a powerful message. In 3 hours I walked away with an elevator speech that is compelling and as professional as the top leaders I want to attract, the three key points and benefit statements of what I deliver that can be used in any interview, conversation and as the core of my Running in High Heels book and the introduction of my signature speech!

Having a clear concise message will distinguish me from my competitors, attract highly vested and invested clients and allow me to do the work I want to do in the world. I am now free from the struggle of not knowing how to clearly articulate the transformational power of what I deliver to potential clients.

If you are struggling in any area of your business message or brand platform, see Heather. She is quickly able to click your puzzle pieces together and to form the box cover of what you do, who you do it for, why you do it and the results it provides. This alone will distinguish you as an expert and attract more revenue easily into your business.