Ten Image Hacks To Look Like A Superstar

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February 16, 2017
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May 11, 2017


If you want to be a star in your industry, it’s important to look your best and show up like you mean business.

Below is a list of ten basic tenets of superstar style. Enjoy!

1. Know thyself. There is no bigger turn-off than inauthenticity. If you’re not a glambot, don’t act like one with your image. You want YOUR essence and personality to be accentuated, not what you think the market will buy. Be yourself.


2. Understand your canvas. You have to understand what works with what your Mamma gave you. You may love the look your favorite celebrity is wearing, but that may not work on your body! You’ve got to make an intimate study of your bone structure and coloring. Once you understand your own personal template, you can make better choices.


3. Decide your brand vibe. How do you want to be perceived by your audience? Smart? Nurturing? Powerful? Creating a unique style starts with YOUR preferences. You don’t want be everything to everyone. Decide what it is you want to project and use that identifier as a filter for all of your image choices.


4. Choose your personal brand colors. This is a biggie. I’m not suggesting you can’t play with different colors. However, there will be two to three colors that look absolutely amazing on you. You want to wear those as much as possible AND have those colors present in your marketing as much as possible. Not only will you feel amazing every time you get dressed, but you will also start to develop brand stickiness in your photos.


5. Accessorize like a brand BOSS! This is where you get to really have fun and express yourself. Don’t skip this part. What you choose for accessories can dramatically impact and impress your audience. It’s what separates the divas from the wannabees and gets all eyes on you. You want to express power? Choose a statement necklace or tie. You want to express fun, hip and cool? Choose some funky sunglasses. Be creative and think out-of-the-box.


6. Push your comfort zone. If you plan to speak onstage or in the media, you’re going to want to turn up the volume on your image. Make slightly bolder choices. Go with a brighter color or an edgier cut. Stars don’t shy away from style risks, they embrace them and set trends. IF you want to stay safe, stay home.


7. Choose a signature look or piece. Beyonce has bustiers, Hillary Clinton rocked her pants suits, Pharrell Williams wears his outrageous hats. What’s your “thing?” Do you love lace? Do you have a favorite pair of Frye boots? Do you always wear red lipstick? Do you have a purple streak in your hair? Think about what your go-to signature feature is and lean in.


8. Get good tailoring. You want your clothes to look like they were made just for you. They should hug every curves in all the right places and give room so you can move with grace. That’s not often possible with clothes right off the rack. Find a good tailor and spend the extra money to get a fit that gives your look a 10x ROI.


9. Rock you hair. Nothing can ruin a superstar look faster that out-dated, unkempt hair. It’s like doing a full face of make-up and skipping the mascara. Seriously, an awesome hairstyle can make you look cooler, prettier, younger, wealthier and hipper. And conversely, a shabby hairdo can date you, age you and classify you in ways you do-not-want. Don’t settle until you get a look that makes you look and feel amazing.


10. Take care of your body. You can buy the best clothes in the world, but if you hang them on a body that is out of shape and ungroomed, it’s a waste of money. We all have our weaknesses, we’re all working to stay fit and you should not aim for perfection. HOWEVER, if you do want to be a star, honoring yourself by taking care of your body is the number one prerequisite. No health=no career. Make self-care and self-pampering a true priority. It will distinguish you as a player.

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