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January 20, 2018

Is Your Brand A Traffic Hazard?

I don’t know what’s up in Boston lately, but there has been a ton of traffic and not just any traffic, bumper-to-bumper, sloth-moving, stand-still traffic.   I don’t know, maybe I’m just not used to the commuter grind like I used to be, but it feels like the volume of people on the roads has grown exponentially.   While I cherish the fact we live in such an amazing city, I don’t cherish the gridlock that accompanies it.   It’s virtually impossible to get where you’re going without becoming a master at switching lanes. But I gotta say, the thing that bothers me the most isn’t the driver who zips in front of me, that’s bound to happen. Nope, what makes my head spin is when someone is indecisive.   You see it all the time. Someone starts to switch lanes, but then instead of following through, the driver hovers over the dotted line blocking both lanes. Or someone comes to a rotary where they have the right of way and instead of moving, they inch forward backing up everyone behind them.   The reason it bothers me so much is because it stops the flow. Why make a move until you are sure of what you want? Just stay […]
August 11, 2015

The Importance Of Intentional Personal Branding

Don’t look now, but your brand is following you. When most people hear the word brand it conjures up names like Nike, Apple or Coca-Cola, but brands are not just for corporations. They are for people too and not only for the likes of Oprah or Kim Kardashian. Each one of us has our own unique brand. For all we hear about brands, however, a lot of people are still not totally clear on what a personal brand is or why it’s important. Don’t be fooled, your personal brand is critical if you want to create a fulfilling career. It doesn’t matter if you are an entrepreneur, a corporate executive or a government employee; personal brand management is one of the most important jobs you have on your journey to success. So what exactly is a personal brand? In short, it is your reputation. Your brand is comprised of everything about you, your expertise, personality, work ethic, the way you dress and even the way you communicate. Basically, it’s everything you put out into the world that represents who you are. However, that’s only half of the equation. The other half is the perception of you held in the minds […]
October 26, 2014

Is Your Brand Playing Elevator Music?

The other day I was at the mall with my daughter to get her first pair of Uggs. When you’re 13, it’s part of the uniform. While we were shopping around, I noticed some music playing in the background. I knew I recognized the tune, but I just couldn’t figure out the song. Finally, it hit me. It was a Katy Perry song. The reason I didn’t recognize it at first was because it was essentially elevator music. The song was so watered down, I wasn’t able to connect it to the original. Katy Perry may not be the edgiest artist out there, but she’s certainly no Frank Sinatra, may Blue Eyes rest in peace. Katy Perry is a young, hip, relevant and kind of kooky pop star. Every characteristic of the music I know to be hers was stripped away and shoved through some kind of musical sanitation process to create the new boring, unoffensive version. Snoresville…..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…. Unfortunately, too many entrepreneurs do the same thing with their brands. In an effort to appeal to the masses, they siphon off the qualities that would in fact, make them unique and stand out. As a result, their brands become background noise. We […]
January 15, 2013

Do You Have Enough Conviction To Be Great?

“I have a dream…” This month marks the birthday of civil rights leader and activist, Martin Luther King Jr. We remember his life and his message of equality and non-violent protest. Now days his message is widely embraced and celebrated, however, during his lifetime King’s convictions caused extreme conflict ending, of course, in his murder. By the time King was killed, he had already received many death threats. In spite of the danger, he was not deterred. He knew there was a significant possibility he would not survive to see his dream through to fruition, and still, he kept on. How does one forge ahead in the face of such great and grave opposition?
January 11, 2013

Why Am I So Sad?

If you are someone who lives for Fridays, you are probably in the wrong job. Of course, we all have work weeks that are more challenging than others, but believe it or not, there are people who get just a little sad when the week is over. Who are these crazy whack jobs?? They are people who are keenly aware of their personal brands. These people live and work in a way that allows them to optimize their strengths and get compensated for doing what they love. I know it’s true, because I’ve seen it many times with own clients. These people love what they do and feel blessed to be able to spend their time being engaged in activities at which they excel. People who understand their personal brands enjoy one of life’s greatest pleasures,
September 26, 2012

Are you an “and” or a BRAND?

We live in a world where more is better. You walk into any local ice-cream shop and you have 35 flavors from which to choose. You can get your news from the internet, your phone or even the tv while waiting in line at Dunkin Donuts! As consumers we are used to multiple options when buying everything from peanut butter to tennis shoes. On the surface, having more options may seem like a good thing, however, having too many choices can be overwhelming and confusing. Remember, a confused mind never buys. When it comes to your personal brand, the last thing you want to do is
August 23, 2012

Does Your Brand Look Good Naked?

Have you ever found yourself paging through one of those celebrity fashion magazines feeling a little cynical? That little green monster creeps in as you compare yourself to all those gorgeous ingenues. You comfort yourself by making excuses as to why they are there looking so beautiful and you are still living the life of a mere mortal woman. How hard is it to look beautiful when you’re wearing a glitzy dress or ball gown? After all, it’s one of the most flattering things a woman can wear. It’s all smoke and mirrors you think. Peel away the glitz and glamour and underneath it all they are probably not that special. Or at least you hope.
July 19, 2012

Guilt by Association

Whether we like it or not, we are judged by the associations we keep. At first blush this doesn’t seem fair. However, if you think about it for more than a second or two, you can see the logic behind it. For the most part, we choose our associations with the exception of our families. Therefore, your associations are a reflection of YOUR JUDGEMENT and YOUR BRAND. If you are associated with someone who is unethical, you are broadcasting to the world that you have some tolerance for lack of integrity. On the other hand, if you surround yourself with people who are kind, thoughtful and smart, this also reflects on your judgement, in a positive way. Because your associations so strongly effect your reputation it is critical to choose wisely. Here are a few questions to help you evaluate your current associations and how to better choose future ones. 1. Does this person/business uphold the values I want to nurture? 2. Does this person have a positive attitude? 3. Does this person make me feel inspired to grow? 4. Do I feel good about myself when I spend time with this person/business? 5. Am I proud to say this person […]