March 29, 2013

Your Life is Calling, Are You Answering?

Have you ever had one of the moments where you think “What the heck am I doing here?” I mean really, in the big picture, in that existential kind of way. I certainly have. In fact, I have spent a good chunk of my adult life exploring the answer to that very question. I was surprised recently, however, to realize not everyone spends a lot of time contemplating the purpose of their existence. Ok, sure, I know most people wonder about the mysteries of the universe to some degree, but there is only so much time in a day to be reflective, right? There are bills to be paid, houses to be cleaned and businesses to run. Why should we while away our lives in pursuit of the unanswerable? Here’s the thing, I think we actually can find and know the answer to “Why am I here?” In fact,
August 23, 2012

Does Your Brand Look Good Naked?

Have you ever found yourself paging through one of those celebrity fashion magazines feeling a little cynical? That little green monster creeps in as you compare yourself to all those gorgeous ingenues. You comfort yourself by making excuses as to why they are there looking so beautiful and you are still living the life of a mere mortal woman. How hard is it to look beautiful when you’re wearing a glitzy dress or ball gown? After all, it’s one of the most flattering things a woman can wear. It’s all smoke and mirrors you think. Peel away the glitz and glamour and underneath it all they are probably not that special. Or at least you hope.