first impressions

May 28, 2011

Are you marrying material?

We often talk about the importance of first impressions. They are, of course, extremely important. Great thought and effort is put into how we present ourselves for the first time in any situation.  Think about all those "firsts", a first date, a first job interview, meeting your child's teacher for the first time.  We put a little extra effort preparing for the first time we are going to meet someone we want to impress.  However, what about the second, third or even tenth time we have an encounter?  Chances are you relax into something less formal which is natural.  However, this can be a slippery slope when it comes to your brand. Great branding is based in consistency.  You certainly do want to make a spectacular first impression. In business a great first impression can open the door for you.  What keeps that door open, however, is what happens next. Anyone can look great and be charming once in a while, but it's how you behave and present yourself over the long haul that really matters.  You may date someone who is cute and fun to be with, but you probably would not marry that person unless they showed over time they were also kind, committed, caring, […]