August 20, 2011

Do you give up too easily?

This is the last week our au pair will be with us before she goes back to her country for school. We decided to have a special waffle breakfast to say good-bye and thank you to her. As usual, my youngest daughter was the first one up the day of the big breakfast and she was super excited. She wanted us to make waffles NOW. Now happened to be 5:45 a.m. and everyone else was still asleep. Of course, my explanation that we had to wait until everyone was awake went over like a lead balloon. It also had no effect on her insistent asking if we could start the waffle-making process NOW. Here's how the conversation went: Her: "Now, Mommy, is it time now?" Me:  "No, Honey, not yet, not everyone is awake yet. We'll have to wait a bit more." 2 Minutes later… Her:  "Now, Mommy? Now?" Me:  "Sorry, no Honey, not yet.  We have to wait." Her:  "One Mississippi, two Mississippi, three Mississippi.  Ok, now Mommy." And so it went on every two minutes until I just gave in and started making the waffles with her alone while everyone else slept. I figured I could just make some more […]