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November 5, 2011

What is Your Brand Song?

Earlier this fall I was in the studio recording my Christmas album. I love Christmas music so it was such a fun day singing through all that beautiful music with my pianist. However, before we could get to the point of laying down the tracks I had to choose the actual songs to go on the album. Of course, I choose many of the classics, but I threw in a couple of lesser known, although beautiful, pieces as well. One of those pieces is a song called “The Carol of the Birds.” The first time I heard this song was many years ago when a friend of mine performed it in college. I never forgot how beautiful the tune was, so when it came time to choose for my album this year I knew it had to go on. It’s an absolute gem. Although it may not be a mainstream American Christmas classic, this little piece has passed the test of time and has been sung and performed by great artists over several centuries.