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October 31, 2012

Are You Afraid of Your Shadow?

As a little kid I was afraid of many things, but I was especially afraid of the dark. Instead of using a little night light, I slept all night with the overhead light glaring down on me. Dark rooms were bad, but the scariest thing for me was pulling down my shades at night. I absolutely hated looking out the window into the darkness. I was convinced someone would pop up out of the blackness into my window pane. I made up all kinds of rituals not to look out those blasted windows which included everything from crawling to standing backwards while pulling down the shades. The idea someone was lurking out there in the dark, someone awful, someone who wanted to hurt me was totally terrifying.¬†Luckily, it never happened. Nor was it likely to ever happen since we lived across the street from a massive cow field. As entrepreneurs we also live in fear of darkness, but it’s not the darkness outside our windows,