November 21, 2011

Don’t let your brand go up in smoke

As it’s getting closer to Christmas season and the colder weather is setting in, I need to get our chimney cleaned so we can enjoy a cozy fire during the holidays. As I was putting this task on my to-do list I suddenly flashed back to a scene in my living room many years ago when a chimney sweeper was at our house. I had been practicing some repertoire when he arrived so he heard me singing. He complimented me and went on to say that he wished he had a special talent. I know he was referring to some musical or artistic talent, however, I reassured him he did have a special talent which I truly believe. I think everyone has special gifts and abilities. The problem the chimney sweep was having, and that many people have, is he was unable to recognize his talents. Sometimes we think if we are not  good at things like sports or music, we are not gifted. Not true. Everyone has strengths and skills. The trick is to unearth those abilities and nurture them to allow them to grow. Your gift’s purpose or usefulness may not be immediately obvious, but there is a need and place for everyone at the table. You must be careful not […]