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July 13, 2012

Are You Optimizing Your Brand Resonators?

In classical singing we often talk about creating resonance. Resonance is what makes a voice carry. Leveraging vocal resonators is what enables classical singers to project their voices over the orchestra without the aid of a microphone. Leveraging personal brand resonators buoys your business to rise over the noise of the marketplace. In singing, optimizing resonance is done by creating sympathetic vibrations in different parts of the body to enhance the sound coming from the tiny vocal folds in the throat. Because each person has unique physiology, these resonators also play a significant role in the distinct quality of sound each singer is able to make. It is part of the vocal finger print. If you have a broad face and a big nose, your sound will be different than if you had a thin face with fine features. However, in order to create this synthesized and original sound, you have to keep the system open and allow the vibrations to travel freely throughout the body. If the system is not open and supported, the singer cannot take advantage of all the resonators and the result is a compromised tone. In personal branding, each of us has a unique voice as well. Our brand […]