be visible

June 5, 2011

Find your light.

When I was in high school I auditioned for the school production of "Fiddler on the Roof".  I remember the audition process very clearly as each girl sang and danced hoping to get the part of one of the daughters.  After our initial solo, the director would put us together in different group combinations to see how our voices sounded together, how we looked and moved together.  I remember watching some of the other groups audition and I noticed there were times when one or another of the girls would sort of disappear on stage because they moved out of the range of the lighting.  When it was my turn I paid very close attention to that light and made sure I never moved out of it. Since then, I have done many, many shows and I know the importance of finding your light.  At high level professional companies they have lighting rehearsals where all you do is walk around the stage while they sets the lights.  It's so important. I'm sure we've all seen shows where someone moves out of their spot light.  They just disappear. You do not want to disappear in the market place.  You need to […]