June 9, 2014

5 Smokin’ Hot Tips to Insanely Increase Your Creativity

Hey, whad’ya think of this blog title? Pretty slammin, huh? I hope it captured your attention! What do you think of these little guys? “7 Steps to Grow Your Business” Yawn… “7 Easy Steps to Increase Your Revenue” Better… “7  Sexy Secrets to Create an Irresistible Brand to Explode Your Profits” Cha-Ching! The last thing you want to do is bore your audience. There is already enough boredom in the world. Taxes and treadmills pop to mind. How long do you think your audience will stick around if you come across as an entrepreneurial Eor? You have to spice things up to keep the love alive. And not just in your sales titles, but in everything from how to package your services to how to write your newsletter. You may think being creative is nice, but not really necessary to your success. You work hard, you’re smart, so what if you’re not the next Picasso or Steve Jobs? Wait a minute, that Steve Jobs guy did pretty well. Being creative in your business gives you superior products and can enhance your productivity. It certainly makes things more fun and interesting for you. And most importantly it allows you to stand […]
November 5, 2011

What is Your Brand Song?

Earlier this fall I was in the studio recording my Christmas album. I love Christmas music so it was such a fun day singing through all that beautiful music with my pianist. However, before we could get to the point of laying down the tracks I had to choose the actual songs to go on the album. Of course, I choose many of the classics, but I threw in a couple of lesser known, although beautiful, pieces as well. One of those pieces is a song called “The Carol of the Birds.” The first time I heard this song was many years ago when a friend of mine performed it in college. I never forgot how beautiful the tune was, so when it came time to choose for my album this year I knew it had to go on. It’s an absolute gem. Although it may not be a mainstream American Christmas classic, this little piece has passed the test of time and has been sung and performed by great artists over several centuries.