November 21, 2012

I Challenge You To Do 100!

This is a picture of me after my morning workout. I’m tired, but happy and very grateful. A couple of ¬†months ago I wrenched my back and was unable to exercise for several weeks and even then it was slow going. Today was the first day since early September I was able to do my normal full workout and it felt really good. I was so grateful to be able to move my body again. It’s funny how much we take for granted in life, especially things that can sometimes take effort. However, the moment those things are taken away, you realize how important they are and it gives you a whole new appreciation of their value. When you value something, you are more motivated to pay attention to and care for it and that in turn makes it flourish. If you care for your body, your health flourishes and if you care for your business, it will flourish too. Cultivating a sense of gratitude is essential for