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 Do you wish you could be a more dynamic, confident and profitable speaker?

Do you wish you knew the secret formula to getting booked for gigs?

Do you wish you could close more sales from the stage or even from your videos?

Well, wish no more!

The Stage Ready Masterclass is a comprehensive live training that will teach you everything you need to know to become a charismatic and compelling performer AND how to make money when you speak.



One of the fastest ways to add thousands of dollars to your monthly income is through speaking whether that speaking is live on a stage, online or in the media. However, a lot of entrepreneurs struggle with the confidence piece when performing.


In order to come across as a high-value expert, you need to be able to deliver your presentation with ease and authority and that only comes with practice. That is why I’ve created this unique training to help entrepreneurs sharpen their skills as speakers, thought-leaders and storytellers in a safe, fun environment.


During the masterclass you will get the chance to give your talk in front of a live, supportive, like-minded audience of entrepreneurs who are also perfecting their presentations. You get real-time performance and sales training so you know how to engage and CONVERT YOUR AUDIENCE!



However, your performance is only half of the equation to getting booked and getting sales from your presentations. How you LOOK is extremely important to getting booked. You need to have proof you can show up, look like a polished expert and deliver.

That's why during Stage Ready Masterclass we will also be doing a high-end photoshoot with my amazing team to make you look like a star online and in your marketing materials. Your presentation will be videotaped so you will have a reel to include in your speakers packet. And you will learn how to put together all your material so when event organizers see your, they will be WOWED!


You will leave this event looking, acting and sounding like a ROCK STAR!

Stage Ready Masterclass is perfect for...

  • Anyone who wants to speak to inspire more people and close more sales.
  • People who have written a signature talk, but need to polish their delivery to convert.
  • Entrepreneurs who want to up their game and speak on bigger and better platforms.
  • Anyone who wants to share their story, but needs help clarifying the message.
  • People who like to have fun, laugh, be silly and connect with other kick-ass people!
  • Shy or introverted entrepreneurs who secretly want to be stars... (you know you do;)

What's included...

Here are the rock-star moves we will cover in the masterclass:

  • Complete training on how to craft and sell your signature talk.
  • Give your talk in front of a live, supportive audience.
  • Get real-time feedback on the effectiveness of your performance from friendly peers
  • Get expert performance coaching from Heather on your presentation, message and sales techniques.
  • Learn expert body-language secrets to come across as powerful and convert more.
  • Video reel of your performance for speaker packet.
  • High-end professional photoshoot with hair and make-up.
  • Network with like-minded peers.

If you are serious about becoming a dynamic, profitable speaker, you won’t want to miss this!

Grab your spot now to make sure you get in!

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Heather Poduska has over 30 years of performance experience as a professional operatic soprano singing in front of tens of thousands of people over the course of her career. She combines her performance experience with her expertise as a speak-to-sell expert, brand strategist and image consultant to help her clients make thousands of dollars from the stage live and online. Heather is also the host of her own podcast and television show, Thrive, where she interviews Hollywood insiders, best-selling authors, accomplished entrepreneurs and other industry stars.