Don’t let your brand go up in smoke

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November 14, 2011
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November 28, 2011

Don't let your brand go up in smokeAs it’s getting closer to Christmas season and the colder weather is setting in, I need to get our chimney cleaned so we can enjoy a cozy fire during the holidays. As I was putting this task on my to-do list I suddenly flashed back to a scene in my living room many years ago when a chimney sweeper was at our house. I had been practicing some repertoire when he arrived so he heard me singing. He complimented me and went on to say that he wished he had a special talent. I know he was referring to some musical or artistic talent, however, I reassured him he did have a special talent which I truly believe.

I think everyone has special gifts and abilities. The problem the chimney sweep was having, and that many people have, is he was unable to recognize his talents. Sometimes we think if we are not  good at things like sports or music, we are not gifted. Not true. Everyone has strengths and skills. The trick is to unearth those abilities and nurture them to allow them to grow. Your gift’s purpose or usefulness may not be immediately obvious, but there is a need and place for everyone at the table. You must be careful not to judge your gift as insignificant or less valuable than that of another person  because you never know how, given a chance, your talents can manifest themselves in beautiful and powerful ways.

I recently saw a program about a man named Pearl Fryar who lives in Bishopville, South Carolina, one of the poorest areas of the country. Pearl worked for over 30 years as a factory worker, but he had a love of plants. He would go to the local nurseries and rescue discarded, dying trees and somehow revive them and help them flourish again. After attending only one class at a local nursery on how to create topiary designs, Pearl took his love of plants, combined with his natural ability in math and his unique understanding of angles, and created a topiary garden masterpiece on his own 3 1/2 acre property. It truly is a work of art. Now people come from all over to see his garden which also creates tourism revenue for the town and has impacted the lives of all the people who live there.

If Pearl had not nurtured his own gifts and allowed them to grow, where do you think he would be today? The prospects are not good. Do you think he could have know where his gifts would take him or who else they would have touched? How many lives have been impacted by this one man?  How many lives could YOU impact if you truly valued you gifts? 

You may say, “Heather, but I don’t KNOW what my special gifts are.” And I would say, it is your job to find out! We are all waiting for your gift. It is selfish to keep it hidden and undeveloped. Sometimes it takes a lot of work to discover what your unique contribution will be, but the alternative is to live a life less-than, less-than what you could be and less-than what you could give. There is someone, somewhere who needs just what you have.

One of my skills is helping people discover their own unique gifts and talents through personal branding and helping them leverage those skills to create more success in their businesses. I have had many teachers in my own development and I know how important it is to have someone support you along this journey. If you are ready to take the plunge and start impacting the world in a bigger way, I’m here to help you. Right now I have a limited number of spaces available for a complimentary Brand Discovery Call where we can explore your unique potential together. To schedule your time call me, Heather, at (781) 369-5063 or email me at You can also visit my website for more information at

Don’t be like the chimney sweep and let your brand and your dreams go up in smoke.