Do you want to:

  • Make YOUR brand so hot even Beyonce would be jealous!

  • Find your unique voice so you can express yourself like a beat poet with a hot mic.

  • Create a business that makes your heart sing and your wallet swoon.

  • Release your inner power player to command the room, the stage and your empire.
  • BECOME who you were meant to be and get paid like a rock-star for your talent.


If you are ready to unlock your potential and step into the spotlight, I am here to help.


Below are my private coaching programs designed to help you become a clear, polished and profitable Brand Star! See which level of service is right for you.

3-Month Celebrity Platform Builder
6-Month Rising Star Visibility Intensive
9-Month Brand Star Celebrity Launch Pad

This program is for you if:

You're an established entrepreneur or professional who wants to step up your game to be seen as an industry leader, attract high-paying clients and land lucrative contracts.

You’re great at what you do, but you know in order to make it to the next level in your business, you need to know how position yourself so others see you as a high-value expert, tighten your marketing communications to be more client attractive, create a more compelling brand presence, up-level your programs  and pricing structure and more define your thought leadership to clearly define your niche.


Typical Client Results Include:

  • Understand exactly how to position your brand and expertise to become a highly sought-after industry leader.
  • Learn how to talk about what you do in a way that attracts and converts ideal, high-paying clients.
  • Create powerful marketing copy and soundbites for social media and interviews.
  • Create signature products and programs to dramatically increase your profits.
  • Clarify your unique brand story and communications to engage and convert your audience live and online.
  • Create a personally aligned mission for your business to ensure you are building something purposeful and fulfilling.


What you get:

  • 2-Hour Kick-Off Deep-Dive Strategy Call
  • 2 1-Hour remote calls a month via Skype or phone
  • Mp3 Recordings of all sessions for reference
  • Heather’s Brand Clarity Workbook
  • Full Brand Assessment and Detailed Feedback
  • Signature Talk Structure


You will walk away with the clarity and strategy you need to start consistently attracting your ideal clients and understand exactly how to position yourself in your industry in a way that aligns with your authenticity AND value.

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This program is for you if:

You are an ambitious entrepreneur or professional who wants to dramatically increase your visibility, create celebrity buzz for your personal brand and use speaking to sky-rocket your impact, influence and income.

You’re smart enough to know that in order to be seen as a leader, you need to be at the front of the room. You have your eye on keynote presentations and head-lining industry conferences. However, you need to dial-in your brand message and polish your presence and performance chops before you are ready for the spotlight. You also need a clear profit strategy in place to make sure you leverage your speaking opportunities for maximum profits so come home with more than just compliments!


Typical client results:

  • Establish your expert positioning to be seen as a player in your industry.
  • Create authentic and compelling brand messaging that attracts and converts your ideal clients.
  • Craft and polish a signature talk to add thousands of dollars to your monthly income.
  • Create signature products and programs to sell from the stage.
  • Define a polished, on-brand image for your stage appearances.
  • Learn how to use powerful body language to command any stage with confidence and charisma.
  • Put together impressive marketing material to capture the attention of booking professionals.
  • Sell from the stage without feeling or sounding out of integrity.
  • Leverage your speaking engagements into even more income and exposure.


What you get:

  • ½ VIP Day (3 hours) Live/Remote
  • 2 1-Hours Call A Month=12 Calls
  • Mp3 Recordings
  • Behind the scenes access to Heather’s IP=Fast Track Brand Academy 12-weeks of content
  • Unlimited email & quick calls
  • Signature Talk Creation
  • Profit  Strategy
  • Presentation and performance review live or via Skype
  • Complete 360 Brand Assessment


You will understand exactly how to position yourself to be seen and heard as a unique, high-value expert and walk away with a powerful, polished presentation you can use over and over again to convert your ideal clients into high-paying, loyal fans and dramatically increase your visibility and industry status.

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Coaching & Agency Services


This program is for you if:

You're an ambitious entrepreneur or professional who wants to be seen as an authentic leader and your ready to get your message out on a much bigger scale. You want to speak or may already be speaking for your business, but now you desire even greater visibility so you can exponentially grow your influence, impact and income. You’re hungry for the next level and you know the best way to increase your authority and profits is to be seen on bigger and more prestigious platforms.

In order to do so, however, you know you need to learn how to become a dynamic and compelling speaker who can captivate and convert audiences of hundreds or even thousands of people and deftly handle media interviews to drive the conversation in your favor. You need to strengthen and clarify your thought leadership platform, develop a unique and instantly recognizable brand, refine your brand story, polish your presentation skills and upgrade your professional image both on and offline. And you need a clear profit strategy so you can leverage your appearances for maximum brand ROI.

Because you are a busy professional with limited time, you want a strategic and reliable point person to guide you and coordinate all the pieces of becoming a celebrity brand including creating press kits, speaker sheets, setting up rehearsals and providing the best photographers and graphic designers to make you look and sound like a super-star!


Typical Client Results Include:

  • Define your super-star personal brand that expresses your unique value.
  • Establish your position as a unique leader in your industry.
  • Create authentic and compelling brand messaging that attracts and converts your ideal clients.
  • Unearth and communicate your unique brand story to engage and convert your audience.
  • Create a complete suite of a uniquely branded signature talks for keynotes and revenue building.
  • Professionally designed speaker sheet and press kit to command higher fees.
  • Creation of unique brand “hook” to give instant authority and industry status.
  • Outline of uniquely on-brand book to increase credibility & profits.
  • Create signature products and programs to sell from the stage.
  • Create streamlined and lucrative business model to sell more with less effort.
  • Define a polished, on-brand image for stage and media appearances.
  • Learn to use powerful body language to command any stage with confidence and charisma.
  • Master presentation skills and create uniquely branded soundbites for media interviews.
  • Learn to sell from the stage without feeling or sounding out of integrity.
  • Leverage your speaking engagements into even more income and exposure.
  • Develop priceless confidence and leadership skills to sky-rocket success!


What you get:

  • 2x ½ VIP Day (3 hours) Live/Remote
  • 2 1-Hours Call A Month
  • Mp3 Recordings
  • Behind the scenes access of Heather’s IP=Fast Track Brand Academy (12-weeks of content) & Close Any Room (6 weeks of content)
  • Copy of Heather’s Brand Clarity Workbook
  • Customized tools, resources, templates, homework assignment for full immersion.
  • Unlimited email & quick calls
  • Complete 360 Brand Star Assessment
  • Professionally designed on-brand speaker sheet & media kit
  • Book Outline (Optional)
  • Presentation and Performance review and coaching with Heather
  • Image assessment
  • Custom Brand-Style Photoshoot *

*Photoshoot is an additional a la cart option. (More info available upon request)

This package gives you everything you need to be a SEEN and PAID like an industry heavy-hitter who can command the spotlight. Not only will you have a suite of polished, profitable signature presentations, you will also have professionally branded materials to get your foot in the right doors. You will understand how to look, act and sound like a high-value expert and have the strategy to profit from your brand.

This is an agency-level program which means you can focus on being the talent knowing the rest is being handled by a competent, responsive team that knows how to make you look like a STAR!


If you want the clarity you need to unlock your potential, become a
major influencer, and make block-buster profits, CLICK BELOW to apply.

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Heather has a 6th sense of being able to correctly identify characteristics based on “the first impression” – something a lot of marketers often overlook when branding.

Lewis Howes, New York Times Best-Selling Author, Lifestyle Entrepreneur


Before working with Heather, I’d written and re-written my signature talk on my own. It never felt right to me and I was reluctant to get in front of an audience with it. Heather provided me with the structure and the guidance to create a sizzling talk that I am proud of. The first time I went out with my new talk, almost everything that could go wrong, did go wrong. The lights went out before I got on stage, I forgot my lines and I was grieving from an unexpected personal loss. Despite all that went wrong, I was still able to connect with my audience, deliver valuable content and make sales. The next time I went out with my talk, I nailed it. So far, I’ve earned more than $3,800 from these two speaking engagements alone and I still have more leads to follow up on! Don’t waste time spinning your wheels trying to write your talk on your own because Heather  will shortcut the process. Plus, you’ll earn your investment back (and then some) FAST! 

Gayle Nowak, The Story Stylist & Marketing Expert

Heather recently coached me one-on-one as I created a new television commercial for my company. Because of her performance background, brand and image consulting expertise it was like having an ally in battle. Even though I was out of my comfort zone, the final ad was amazing. People said I seemed like a pro. Having Heather’s help on everything from the script, to the delivery and even on what I wore made it appear seamless and easy. Heather is more than a coach, she is a “brand translator.”

Maura Fredey, Owner of Carole Kitchen & Bath Design

My personal experience with Heather as a client was during a video interview that I was very nervous for. Heather delicately taught me how to present myself. Something I thought was interesting was Heather’s attention to detail. An example was Heather’s coaching on how to simply pronounce my name and title confidently; These details were incredibly important to the outcome of the video. I can honestly say because of Heather’s coaching, my video will attract clients for years to come. 

To speak to Heather’s personality; she is incredibly warm, fashionable, bright & on-trend and someone you want to know. It’s incredibly clear why she has such success with her clients just from spending a few minutes with her! I am not only a fan of Heather as someone I work with during photoshoots, but also as her client. There is no doubt that Heather is a branding master and is an essential part of the success of a company. HIGHLY recommend!!!!

Rachael Rubin, Professional Photographer, Owner at Beauty PaRLR

Heather Poduska is such a powerful, inspirational coach! I sought out Heather’s services because I wanted to start speaking nationally and get my name out there in a big way in my new career. I had been speaking for years, even on a national stage, in other industries, but in my transformational coaching practice, I had not even gotten on a stage yet. And I was having newbie jitters. Heather helped me craft everything – my look, my presence, my persona, and especially my signature talks. Hell, I didn’t even know I needed a signature talk until I met Heather!

My new talk positions me perfectly and has enabled me to start lining-up opportunities that would otherwise, not have been possible. I feel empowered as an expert right from the moment I apply – and that power comes through and makes me more desirable to the opportunities. For example, after giving just one15 minute presentation, the host organization asked me to join their advisory board. For another event, I was even considered for the same stage as the State Attorney General!

I’ve noticed that as I’ve begun speaking, Heather has quietly been there for me without me even asking. She shows up like the cheerleader she is, and whether she needs to push from behind or pull me toward the next thing I need in my speaking game plan, Heather is always there to make me feel like a star and believe in me, that I can and will be that star! I am so grateful to her for everything that has happened and for everything that is yet to come!

Halle Eavelyn,  Transformational Coach & Author or “Red Goddess Rising” 

Heather’s intuitive understanding of the importance of finding your “essence” was enormously helpful to me.  She was tireless in helping me distill my journalism career down to the simple phrase, “Bringing the Truth to Light”, which really says everything about what I have been doing for the past 23 years.  I recommend her highly for helping anyone to discover how to better build and define their “brand”.

Ginger Casey,  Emmy Award Winning Journalist

I had been trying for months to develop my own branding for my business, but was spinning my wheels without having much success of gaining traction. The time I spent with Heather turned it all around. I had a paying client within a week. It was amazing. Heather was able to help me to get clear on my messaging, focus in on the needs of my target audience and rebrand my business to actually do what I envisioned. Working with Heather Poduska was the best money I have spent developing my business.

Sterling Fulton, Life Strategist for Women in Crisis

I came to Heather because I needed to communicate what I do in an impactful way. I really wanted to rock a room with my intro in 30 seconds or less. Working with Heather, I got complete clarity on how to do exactly that. In fact, I booked my first VIP client the day after our session. Part of what made it possible was also the confidence I felt as a result of our work together. Heather is very gifted. This was the best investment I’ve made in my business so far.

Carol Chapman, Financial Empowerment Coach