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June 26, 2015
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July 25, 2015

It’s hot out there and along with the high temps come the steamy summer box-office hits. This year Magic Mike XXL takes the cake, beef-cake that is. You have to be living under a rock not to know this sexy sequel is in theaters now. The pictures have been EVERYWHERE. (Hey, I’m not complaining!)

Now whether or not a male-stripper romp is your cup of tea, one thing you have to admit is those fellas are r-i-p-p-e-d. No one, not even Magic Mike himself gets washboard abs without extreme dedication and sacrifice.

We often overlook the hard work actors put into these roles when the final product is so campy. We only see them at press junkets and premiere parties and we think they have it sooo good.

The truth is, they do have it good. They’re living large, making a LOT of money, staying at the best hotels and rubbing shoulders with other smart, beautiful and creative people. However, success didn’t just fall into their laps, they made their own magic.

I read an interview in People Magazine recently with Channing Tatum and he talked about some of the challenges he had to overcome on his journey to Hollywood fame. In high school, he struggled with ADHD and dyslexia which made academics harder for him than most. He went to college, but ended up dropping out when he started getting modeling opportunities.

What Channing did however, that was wicked smart was he leaned into his strengths and KEPT TRYING.

“I was playing the lottery left and right, I just accidentally kept running into a winning ticket.”–People Magazine

Of course he kept running into a winning ticket! He kept putting himself in positions where he had the greatest chance of having his assets noticed and appreciated. One opportunity led to the next and eventually his momentum started snow-balling.

As entrepreneurs, it’s easy to look at industry leaders and envy their successes, but there’s no need. YOU can have massive wealth and recognition as well. It won’t be Easy-Street, but if you’re smart and persistent, you can make your own luck.

“Luck is a matter of preparation meeting opportunity.”–Seneca

Here are few tips to help get you center stage:

1. Leverage your assets. If you’re brainy, do things to leverage your unique intelligence. If you’re brawny, do things to accentuate your body. If you are emotionally gifted, do things to show-off your intuition.

2. Don’t wait until you’re perfect. Start now. If you wait until you are fully baked, you will probably miss your chance. Part of what refines and polishes your brand is experience so jump in to sharpen your saw.

3. Don’t be afraid to fake it. You don’t have to feel confident to act confident. Act as if. Of course, you never want to be negligent or put someone in harms-way, but don’t disqualify yourself before you get a chance to prove yourself.

4. Put yourself out there…a LOT. The wider your net, the more fish you will catch. Every time you put yourself out there, you increase your odds of something happening for you. Think about how many times toddlers fall before they learn to walk. They don’t fall once or twice and decide to crawl for the rest of their lives. They keep trying.

5. Make it look pretty. Magic Mike XXL obviously nailed this and so should YOU. The higher the polish, the higher the perceived value. If you want to get the right kind of attention, you need to make whatever you put out look as good as possible.

Just wait and see, with a little elbow grease and tenacity your business will “magically” take off too!

If you feel like it’s finally your time, but are not sure how or what to put “out there” to get the kind of attention you need to take off, I invite you to a complimentary Brand Strategy Call to identify your magic path.
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