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April 9, 2013
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April 24, 2013

“If you off that, it means you don’t mess with it
But if you love that, it means you mess with it
Let me tell you what I mess with…”

I recently added a new song to my iPod called “I’m off that” by Pitbull.  I downloaded it because it had a good beat, but really didn’t pay much attention to the lyrics until I went for my run and had a chance to listen more closely.

“Dirty money, I’m off that
Cleaning money, I’m off that
Phony money, I’m off that
Getting money, I love that”

Pitbull says over and over, “I’m off that, but I love that” listing all the things he no longer likes or desires and then declaring what he does love now. Even though the frame of reference is very different from my own experience, I LOVE the inference.  It’s a song of letting go and upgrading. I thought it was such a great lesson.

“Bad business, I’m off that
Can’t keep your word, I’m off that
Never on time, I’m off that”

Sometimes we hang on to things that no longer serve us. We all do it. We hold on to habits or even people who no longer align with our goals or values. We do it for lots of reasons. Maybe it’s because we’ve become accustomed to the way we’ve always done things or perhaps we’ve just gotten lazy. I think a lot of times, however, we get stuck in a rut because we don’t believe we can have something better or we are afraid we if we let go of our current rung we won’t have the strength or momentum to grasp the next, bigger reward.

“Being broke, I’m off that
“Hanging on the block, I’m off that”

It can be difficult to make the changes we need to grow, but it can be done. The first step is to make a decision. Think about how disabling it is not to decide! Imagine you’re at a restaurant with a huge menu and when the waiter comes you can’t decide what to order. You ask your friends what they are having, you ask the waiter what’s good, but still you waffle back and forth while everyone waits. Nothing can happen until you decide.

“Her hair a mess, toes a mess
Nails a mess and I’m off that”

The second step is to make a declaration. Once you decide what you want, you have to announce it. In the restaurant, you have to tell the waiter your choice. He is not a mind reader. Until you tell him what you want, you sit hungry. Once you make a declaration, however, your order gets processed and you are soon brought a delicious meal. The universe is like that waiter standing at attention waiting to respond to your wishes. You have an abundance of opportunity to create what you want, but you have to place your order.

“Communism, I’m off that
Dictators, I’m off that
Peak rise, I’m off that
But freedom, I love that”

Your challenge this week is to make your “off that/love that” list. Think about what is no longer serving you, what drains your energy or perhaps even just something that isn’t as satisfying as it use to be. Those things go on the “off that” list. Next, think of all the things for which you are aiming  in life, those things which make you feel excited or energized. Those things go on the “love that” list. Then start making your wishes known. If you do, soon the universe will also deliver up something delicious!

“I’m off that but I love that
I’m off that but I love that
I’m off that but I love that
I’m off that but I love that”

What do you love? Say it now!

I would love to see your list. Declare your wishes here or post them on Facebook. Go ahead, take the leap!

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