How to Make Your Signature Talk Stand Out

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June 8, 2016
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July 2, 2016

You may have heard speaking is a great way to grow your business and it’s true! Speaking positions you as the expert in front of a group of potentially ideal clients. However, a LOT of entrepreneurs have caught the speaking bug and are vying for the attention and credit cards of the same audience.

So how do you stand out and make the audience see YOU as the person to meet their needs?

First, have a clear point of view that is unique to you. This will show up as your story, your beliefs and how you communicate what you value. The more you can lean into your authenticity, the more you will separate from the crowd. No matter how many coaches, consultants, CPA’s, lawyers or dog walkers there are out there, there is only one YOU. The more you clearly you can communicate your point of view, the more memorable and impactful you will be.

Next, own your place in the market. You need to be bold and find specific ways to differentiate yourself. Highlight what makes you special. Find a way to zig when others are zagging. For example, if everyone in your industry is talking about how you have to constantly hustle to succeed, maybe your stance could be about the need for space and peace in your business. Try to find your unique pocket and make some noise about it.

Finally, be good. No, be great. There are a LOT of mediocre speakers out there, a l-o-t. Make a decision right now to become great at presenting yourself and your material. Show up looking and acting the part of a polished expert. Give great content, dress well, have killer marketing materials and command the stage. Leave no doubt in the mind of your audience that you are a rock star at what you do and they would be crazy not to hire you!

If can you claim a unique and authentic space and show up as a high-value expert, you will be ahead of 99% of the people out there and dramatically increase your chances of closing the room!

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