How To Make Money From a Signature Talk

When Doves Cry…
April 22, 2016
How To Know What To Offer When Speaking To Sell?
May 18, 2016

There are a lot of entrepreneurs out there right now who are speaking for their businesses, unfortunately however, many of them are not making money from their talks. They’re great at what they do and they give valuable information when they speak, but they struggle to close the room.

Can you relate?

It can be so frustrating to get up in front of a large audience either live on stage or online in a webinar or teleseminar and pour your heart and soul into a presentation only to come home empty handed. You spend so much time and energy preparing, you give great content and still end up with really disappointing sales.

You have to remember, your job in business is to make money and when you are giving a presentation for your business, your talk should be making you money. If you are a person of integrity, of course you want to give your audience real, transformative content, but you also want them to work with you so you need to guide them through a process to take that next step forward. You don’t make sales by banging people over the head with an offer.

The problem is many entrepreneurs don’t understand there needs to be a selling structure in place to convert potential clients into paying customers.

You can have the best programs, the most heart-felt presentation and the most impressive training, but if you don’t know how to set up your talk to prepare the audience for your offer, you will be fighting an uphill battle.

Passion alone does not equal profits. You have to have a PLAN. Once you understand how to structure your talk to sell, you can layer in all your great content and create something that is truly dynamic AND profitable.

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