How To Inspire Your Audiences To Buy From You

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May 25, 2016
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June 8, 2016

You may have heard that speaking is a great way to increase your profits, but you may also be wondering how the heck do you get people to actually buy from you. Whether you are just starting out speaking or you’ve been speaking for a while, but haven’t been converting from your talks the way you’d like to, I want you to know something…

There IS a way to get people to open up their wallets to work with you!

The first thing you need to do if you want your audience to buy your products and services is start with a clear objection to sell. You are in business to make money and any time you put your own time, energy and resources into something, you need to be thinking about the ROI. You are not speaking to stand there and look pretty, you are investing in this opportunity to grow your business.

However, having the mindset of sales is not about being pushy, it is about transformation. The biggest transformation your audience will get is by using your products or going through your process. They can only get so much transformation for free. If you believe in what you do and why you do it, instead of feeling gross about selling, you should see yourself as providing a valuable opportunity for your audience to get what they really want. If you can make your audience see that value, they will buy.

Next, you have to engage people on an emotional level. People buy with their hearts. They buy because of deeply rooted desire and needs. Their desire may be to alleviate emotional pain, feel sexier, attract a mate, buy a home or improve their health. Whatever their desire is, your job as a selling speaker is to wake up and intensify those emotions.

A great way to do this is with stories, your story, other people’s stories, examples or case studies. In sharing your own story, you create an emotional bond with the audience and build likeability and trust. The audience starts to see you as an ally instead of just a hard-nosed selling robot. Most importantly though, when you share a story of transformation, you start to paint a picture of what’s possible for the audience and that picture is the turning point to your profits.

So you can see, it is possible to inspire your audience to buy, but you need to be intentional about how you craft your talk to sell and by using emotional triggers to share the transformation that is possible. Once those pieces are in place, your conversion rates will soar.

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