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Want To Master Time?
June 23, 2017
You don’t get paid to sing in the shower…
August 4, 2017

You know that feeling when you realize you have a dentist appointment on the calendar? You soooo don’t want to go, but you know you have to. Even though you know it’s the best thing for your health, you’d rather stick a fork in your eye.

That’s how the last several days were for me. I had about a billion obligations that I absolutely did not want to deal with.

For starters, our fridge broke and it was up to me to empty out all the rotting veggies and meat. Gross. I found out the tires on our minivan were bald and had to get them replaced. And there was yet another technical snafu with my website. That’s just a small sampling and I won’t bore you with the rest.

They were all things I didn’t want to face, but still had to handle.

We all have responsibilities that make us want to run for the hills. In our business it might show up like:

-Not paying attention to expenses.
-Procrastinating on creating a sales pages.
-Avoiding picking up the phone to follow-up on leads.
-Freaking out about doing a live-stream.

But by not doing what we know we must, we move further and further away from creating a thriving, abundant, joyful business.

So how do we get ourselves to do the things we need to do when we’d rather stick our head in the sand?

The answer is simple…

We keep our eye on the bigger picture.

Believe me when I say, I did NOT want to go to the dump for the tenth time this week with refrigerator refuse, but if I didn’t, I knew the whole house would smell bad. I’d rather not have spent an entire sunny summer afternoon in the repair shop getting tires, but if I want to go on a road trip next week, I knew it was necessary to stay safe.

In our businesses, there are also real consequences when we don’t do the grunt work. It’s not sexy, it may even be painful, but we gotta get it done.

So ask yourself, “Is there anything I am avoiding in my business now that is keeping me from what I really want?” If the answer is yes, try following the thread of consequences  of what will happen if you don’t get it done. What will it cost you? Clients? Money? Peace of mind? A good mood?

Then do the opposite. What are you really shooting for? Do you want financial freedom? Do you want more simplicity in your life? Keep your bigger “Why” front and center.

If you are still not motivated to roll up your sleeves and dive in, here are a few simply strategies I’ve used to power through:

1. Set a timer. If it’s the kind of task that can be done in increments, try 15 minutes at a time. Then bump it up if you can to 30 minutes or an hour. In between be sure to take a real break. Get up and walk around or have a glass of water.

2. Chunk it down. This is similar to setting the timer. Instead of looking at your entire funnel, only focus on the first follow-up email. When that’s complete then think about doing only the landing page. Creating small sections makes it more manageable.

3. Schedule it. If I am going to take ANY time from my busy schedule, the thing’s going to get done. I don’t take my time lightly and neither should you. It’s not an endless resource. You will save a lot of time worrying and feeling guilty if you put the task on the calendar and  just do it.

4. Find the right time of day. Understand your natural body rhythms. When are you most energized and focused? If you have to make sales calls, don’t put them at a time when you’re already fatigued. Do it when you know you’re fresh. If you have a task that’s not mentally taxing, maybe you can put it later in the day when you’ve already done your best thinking.

5. Pay someone to help you. There is nothing like spending money to keep you accountable. Hiring someone to help you is an extremely efficient way to work. You know you are going to get it done and you’ll be getting help from an expert who’s job depends on results. Make a list of tasks and a separate list of the kind of professional you can hire. Maybe you need a VA or a handyman. I work with a professional organizer on a regular basis and it has made a huge difference in my productivity.

Sometimes we simply have to do the responsible thing. It’s not fun, but the rewards are concrete. Entrepreneurship isn’t for the weak of heart, it’s for the heart-centered, mission-filled workers.

As the saying goes, “Do what most people are unwilling to do so you can have what most people never get to have.”

If one of the things you are avoiding is getting your speaking career off the ground, let’s talk. There’s no faster way to close leads than to stand at the front of the room as the expert. So don’t let the jitters get in your way of making profits.

You can schedule a complimentary strategy session with me by clicking here=>Brand Star Strategy Session. 

Until next TIME, you got this and here’s to hitting all your high notes!