How To Be More Captivating On Video

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August 4, 2017
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January 20, 2018

Wow, a new year is officially sprung and word on the street is video is going to rule the playground. Are you ready?

If you’ve been asleep in a cave for the past year, you may not have noticed the onslaught of video marketing. However, if you’re a modern-day global citizen, I’m sure you’ve seen a HUGE uptick in the amount of videos on every platform. 

Facebook and Instagram both have live-streaming and YouTube is still exploding and even LinkedIn is getting into the video game. Not only is it on social media, but many people now prefer to do video chats instead of simply calling. That means more and more sales calls can be done via video. Now that’s something to ponder. I even read soon you’ll be able to play videos on your phone from a business card!! How cool is that?

Personally, I LOVE the idea of having face-to-face time. It gives a much more personal and intimate connection.

People are way more likely to remember someone they look in the eye. @HeatherPoduska (tweet this)

You can read people so much better if you can see their facial expression. Both you and the person with whom you’re speaking are also less likely to multi-task and get distracted if you are looking at each other!

However, I understand not everyone shares my enthusiasm for the burgeoning video age. Some people are just not that comfortable with the whole face-front-and-center idea. I get that, but if you want to expand your brand, grow your audience, attract ideal clients and make more money, you definitely need to consider getting over your stage fright!

Here are some insider pointers on how to be more confident, captivating and effective in front of the camera. 

1. Plan what you’re going to say. I know some people say to be completely spontaneous, but you want be sure you get your powerful message across, show your expertise and value. I’m not saying you have to memorize, but you need at least an outline of a few bullet points so you don’t lose focus. It will keep you grounded and actually allow you to show your personality more because you won’t be floundering for words.

2. Plan what you’re going to wear. Again, a lot of people will say, “No need to dress up, just be yourself.” While I agree, you don’t need to pull out the pearls for every live-stream, remember how you look definitely makes an impact. Dress on-brand and put some effort into your appearance. It will make YOU feel better too. Seriously, don’t skip this step.

Of course, there are definitely videos for different occasions and brands. There are times and places when you can be spontaneous, out and about and more laid-back etc. Remember, however, you’re creating a library of video content and you want to make sure your visual brand is clearly communicated most of the time.

*Bonus tip: If you wear the same color consistently, it builds brand recognition.  

3. Be a broken record. I know we want to come up with fresh new content all the time, but consistency and constancy are two key elements of strong brands. You want your audience to know you for your core message and value. If you’re worried about being boring, just give a new spin on the same topic. Dig your brand groove deep.

4. SMILE. Consciously think about smiling. It may feel weird or forced in the beginning, but often we think we look happier than we do. Sometimes we get into “concentration mode.” Smiling is engaging, warm, friendly and makes you seem more approachable. Because smiling releases natural endorphins, it also makes you happier and calmer.

5. Focus your energy. Your energy should be going to and through the camera. Don’t let your body disperse your energy by fidgeting, flailing or flaking out! Feel as if there is a string attached to the space between your eyebrows that is pulling you right into the camera lens. You want your audience to feel you, to feel your energy. That’s very powerful and separates the pros from amateur hour. You’re welcome:)

If you start to employ these tips into your videos, you will become more and more polished and confident each time. You’ll start to feel more grounded in your body and have much more ease making an ask when the time comes.

And remember, the more you do it, the easier it gets, so try to get in front of the camera any time you can. Believe me, once you start to get engagement, it’s very addictive because you start really connecting with people. And that is why video is here to stay.

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