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January 23, 2013
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February 8, 2013

iStock_000004892219LargeI have probably read over a thousand books on how to improve yourself, create a better mindset, attract more abundance, live with more energy or increase your creativity. You name it, if there is a book about how to make yourself or your life better, I’m on it. And while I’ve learned and applied many great insights about how to up my joy factor or increase my wealth, there is nothing like real life to teach you the most important lessons, the ones that make a real, lasting impact. Here is a biggie I learned recently that I’d like to share with you.

Life is rich. Yes, that’s it. You may be feeling like I’ve tricked you, you’ve heard that before, nothing new to see here. And while you are right, this is not a new idea, the concept is new to me on a personal level which is why I’m sharing it with you. Until you are able to pick up and embrace for yourself the truths and insights that will make your life better, it will not be better. You will still be chugging along in pretty much the same state you have always been in only with a little bit more knowledge. But knowledge alone, my friends, is not enough.

Life is rich. You’ve probably read and heard how wonderful life can be. Come on, we’ve all seen Oprah, live your best life and all, but do we really swallow up that message, drink it in and let seep out into every cell in our bodies. Not trying to creep you out here, but unless you feel the richness of life, you will not believe it.

Where is my proof you ask? You’ve seen life, you tasted her wares and they can be quite bitter. True dat. But even bitterness has it’s place in the feast of life. As much as we’d like to believe it, richness is not just sweet. If it were, as a confessed chocoholic, I would be the richest person on the planet. Richness has more to do with the complexity and depth of experience. The feeling of being rich is, of course, all about appreciating the complexity, the unexpected messiness of it all and really loving every minute of it.

How I know, really know, life is rich:

I am a human being living with other human beings and we each have the capacity to bring value into the world. 

What else could be more valuable than human contribution? Aside from the miraculous creations of nature, every good thing in this world was a result of some beautiful, imperfect human being. It was the result of a human being tapping into their own creativity and talent and having the courage to manifest their gifts to make the world a richer, better place.

Not everyone is going to be financially wealthy. Not everyone has the knowledge, the skill or the discipline to achieve that goal. However, every person has the capacity to contribute. And when your contributions align with your passions and unique aptitudes, you develop a midas touch. Not only do you elevate your environment, but your become elevated and enriched by the act of giving. It’s a beautiful thing.

Next time you are feeling a pinch of scarcity, start giving of yourself and watch the tides turn. I think Napoleon Hill had it wrong, it’s not Think and Grow Rich, it’s Give and Grow Rich. Give of yourself, give your gifts and don’t hold back. Now that’s money in the bank.

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