Feel Good Branding

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August 27, 2011
What are you waiting for?
September 10, 2011

Feel Good BrandingIf you've been reading this blog, then you are probably somewhat familiar with branding and some of its benefits. Good branding can create a loyal, excited following. It can increase your sales. It can differentiate you from your competition and establish you as an expert in your field. Wow, those are all fantastic benefits of branding!  However, I think the very best benefit of personal branding is not often talked about. It is the FEELING YOU GET from living and working from and with those parts of you which feel most authentic and exciting TO YOU.

If you are in business, you are in business to make money. If you were not doing business to make money, you would be dabbling in a hobby. So of course, when you think about branding you will focus on the financial benefits. You are not going to waste your time and marketing dollars on frivolous, touchy-feel-good gimmicks. However, what could be more valuable than your own happiness. I know it sounds pretty grandiose to talk about personal branding that way, but that's the way it is. When you are really in touch with what makes you tick, what you are good at, how you best express yourself in the world and when you can move through your life freely and enthusiastically working from those premises, you feel a deep satisfaction and joy. The kicker is feeling good and excited about how you work and express yourself can also be financially rewarding.  It's a win-win situation.

When you are joyful in your work other people respond to that energy. Have you ever met someone who seems to radiate good vibes? How does it make you feel to be around that person or interact with them? Great, right? There is a gas station near my gym that I love going to. The attendant there has such great energy. Rain, snow or shine he has a smile on his face, asks how I'm doing and gives great service. Do you think I drive out of my way to get my gas there?  You bet I do. It makes me FEEL good to buy my gas there. His energy is infectious.

When are clear about your personal brand and become comfortable projecting that brand into the marketplace, YOU become that infectious person others are drawn to.  However, the greatest gift is the way you feel about yourself and that, my friends, is priceless.