Fast Track is a powerful content program designed to teach you how to quickly create and promote a highly profitable brand and business. It is a streamlined, structured system that guides you step-by-step from nailing your messaging to crafting and selling your own leveraged signature programs. If you apply this information, you will literally have everything you need to start making money, FAST!


fade-leftfade-rightAre you ready to play a bigger game?

If you are tired of...

  • Struggling to get your message out in a clear and compelling way to attract ideal clients?
  • Watching with envy as other people make money from speaking, webinars and podcasts?
  • Not knowing how to position yourself as powerful leader in your industry?
  • Feeling confused about how to structure your business model to be streamlined and profitable?
  • Feeling like a little fish in a little pond when what you want is a national or international audience?

This is the program to finally launch your success!

Here’s what you’ll learn to do:

  • Create an authentically aligned dream vision for your business.

  • Tell your compelling brand story to magnetize your audience.

  • Identify your personal super-power and carve out a uniquely profitable niche.

  • Position yourself and get paid as a high-value expert.

  • Craft your brand manifest & write a high-value expert bio.

  • Develop a profitable, repeatable signature system.

  • Create a streamlined, money-making business model.

  • Learn how to close sales with integrity.

  • Write a signature talk that sells.

  • Develop a polished, high-value, expert brand image.

  • Create a juicy content calendar that gets your audience to buy.

  • Learn power moves to get in front of important clients and influencers.

Fast Track consists of 12 powerful audio recordings with Q & A and accompanying templates and worksheets to help you create a profitable brand from the ground up. The program is design to help you create a streamlined business model in step-by-step, sequential fashion so there is no guessing what to do next. All material is immediately available with unlimited access so you can work as quickly was you want to start seeing RESULTS.


If these are the kinds of results you're looking for...

  • Understanding the true purpose and vision of your business.
  • How to clearly articulate a powerful and compelling brand message to ATTRACT IDEAL CLIENTS.
  • Knowing how to create a high-end offer your clients will be hungry to buy.
  • How to structure your business model so it's streamlined and PROFITABLE.
  • How to be seen as a REAL player in your industry.
  • How to fit all the pieces of your business together so you are not confused or overwhelmed!

This program is for YOU!

Sterling Fulton

When a dear friend of mine raved to me about Heather’s services, I immediately wanted to try. I had been trying for months to develop my own branding for my business. It was like spinning my wheels without having much success of gaining traction. The time I spent with Heather turned it all around. I had a paying client within a week. It was amazing. Heather was able to help me to get clear on my messaging, focus in on the needs of my target audience and rebrand my business to actually do what I envisioned. It was magical. I highly recommend Heather and her services. As I have told everyone I get a chance to tell; working with Heather Poduska was the best money I have spent developing my business.

Can’t say enough about her service."

Sterling Fulton, Your Space To Thrive
Carol Chapman

“I came to Heather because I needed to communicate what I do in an impactful way. I really wanted to rock a room with my intro in 30 seconds or less. Working with Heather, I got complete clarity on how to do exactly that. In fact, I booked my first VIP client the day after our session. Part of what made it possible was also the confidence I felt as a result of our work together. Heather is very gifted. This was the best investment I’ve made in my business so far.”

Carol Chapman, Financial Empowerment Coach
Paige Rolfe

“I knew if I wanted to make more money, I needed clarity I wasn’t getting on my own. Heather helped me clarify my message and gave me the confidence to back it up. Now I am able to clearly articulate my value, word has spread and people are coming to me instead of me having to chase down potential clients. Heather is very polished, professional, confident and just good at what she does.”

Paige Rolfe, Founder & Chief Brand Stylist

I am invested in your success! I offer 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied that I have provided you with a top-notch program to help you solidify your brand and grow your business. All I require is you send me copies of all your completed course templates to show you have tried to implement the material.

Everything you need to start creating a highly profitable, streamlined, leveraged business is just a CLICK away. Grab your spot below.

Pay in Full$1,997
Payment Plan3x $797