Eat only what’s delicious.

Fail to Impress
February 27, 2012
Think Like a Woman, Act Like a Woman
March 12, 2012

I recently read an article about something called the “Snob Diet.” The idea is to be discriminating about what you eat. Instead of eating low-fat, processed “diet” food, you actually eat real, full-fat, scrumptious food. When you eat the real thing, the idea is, you are more satisfied so you actually eat less and lose weight. If you are like 99% of most of us, you are probably watching what you eat on a daily basis in an effort to stay as trim and healthy as possible, so the idea of indulging with Häagen Dazs may seem like diet suicide. But before you throw out the brie with the bath water, take a second look at the Snob Diet. It’s not about stuffing your face in a trans-fat frenzy, it’s about the experience of deeply enjoying the process of eating.

As business owners we would do well to pay attention to the Snob Diet. Whether we are talking about eating or the process of shopping, most people have a strong desire to have quality experiences. As consumers we are bombarded with garbage, with a lot of loud junk. We long for the experience that will transcend the noise and fill us with meaningful nourishment. As business owners we need to ask ourselves not only what is the best product we can provide, but also what is the best EXPERIENCE we can give our customers.

Of course, this brings us back to branding. Is your brand deep enough? Are you rich, dark chocolate with a touch of mocha, or are you a generic candy bar? Are you a luscious, creamy chardonnay with a hint of oak, or are you box wine? What is the experience you are giving your clients when they interact with your brand? Do they leave with an artificial after taste or are they left with a warm, satiated palette? In an effort to attract more clients we often make the mistake of diffusing our brand. Not everyone likes dark chocolate, but if your ideal audience is looking for 80% cocoa and you give them milk chocolate, no one wins.

To entice your audience with a more fulfilling experience pay attention to these “diet” tips:

Choose High Quality Food-Make sure the product or service you provide is of the highest quality. Are you cutting corners? Do you need to tweak or update your product or services? If your product is not top notch, your client will go else where. It is not enough in today’s competitive market to be average.

Enjoy that Food-What is the experience consumers have when they interact with your company or product? Is your product easy to use? Are there any bonuses? What is the customer service like? What is your follow-up service like? Is it enjoyable for the customer to engage with you or your company?

Don’t deny cravings-What deep desires does your product or service fulfill? Is your client looking for popularity or perhaps a more meaningful relationship? Are they looking to gain status or to feel comforted? When you can tap into their greatest needs you can begin to create compelling services.

If it’s not delicious, don’t eat it-Have great product or service, create a unique experience and pay attention to the desires of your customers or they will go somewhere else!

When you create something that feeds and nourishes the deepest desires of your audience you are rewarded both by their response and with the immense satisfaction that comes with your own pure expression.When you give a richer experience, you also become richer both in spirit and in coffer. So go ahead and embrace your inner snob and let the feast begin!