Does your brand need a hug?

Stop apologizing for your brand!
July 30, 2011
Brand Your Edge
August 13, 2011

Does your brand need a hug?I seem to be walking down memory lane more than usual lately. It may be because summer is a time when we travel more to reconnect with our friends and families that live further away.   For whatever reason though, I recently found myself thinking about my first piano solo.

I was 6 years old and I was going to play a 15 second long piece for my church, about 50 people at the time.  My piano teacher was the minister's wife and she was sitting in the front pew smiling as I sat down to play.  When I started to play everything was going great until…I hit a wrong note.  So I started again.  I got to the same place again and made the SAME mistake.  This happened three times before my teacher couldn't stand it anymore.  She jumped up from her seat, came up and sat next to me on the piano bench, put her arm around me and whispered into my ear that I could do it.  I then went on to play the whole piece perfectly start to finish.  That's all it took.

We all face those moments when our skill and preparation is tested whether it's in launching a new business or giving a new presentation for the first time.  We've practiced, we know the material, but when the pressure is on, we fumble, lose our place or freeze-up completely.  How much easier it is to move through those experiences knowing you have someone with you, someone who wants to see you succeed and takes a vested interest in your progress.

As a musician I have had many great teachers and I have taught many of my own students.  As a business owner I have also taught and been taught by great mentors.  I know first hand the difference it makes having someone there in your corner. If you are feeling a little stuck and are unsure what steps to take next in your business it may be time to find a good teacher.  Sometimes having a helping hand makes all the difference between a botched solo and a killer performance.

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