Do You Have Enough Conviction To Be Great?

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January 11, 2013
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January 23, 2013

“I have a dream…”

This month marks the birthday of civil rights leader and activist, Martin Luther King Jr. We remember his life and his message of equality and non-violent protest. Now days his message is widely embraced and celebrated, however, during his lifetime King’s convictions caused extreme conflict ending, of course, in his murder.

By the time King was killed, he had already received many death threats. In spite of the danger, he was not deterred. He knew there was a significant possibility he would not survive to see his dream through to fruition, and still, he kept on. How does one forge ahead in the face of such great and grave opposition? It’s call conviction.

conviction: “an unshakable belief in something without need for proof or evidence”

King had unshakable faith. He believed deeply in the innate rightness of his message. Did he have proof this country would be better if all were treated equally, truly equally? He did not need it, just as in the definition. He had a vision and a deep knowing in his heart of the possibilities for a brighter future.

How about you? What do you believe in? What are your greatest convictions? What would you stand up for in the face of great adversity? Whatever “it” is, is the kernel of your personal brand. All great personal brands are built on conviction, a sense of deep purpose and hopeful vision. It doesn’t  mean your brand will necessarily be  controversial, however, to be great it does require an intense desire for change and being of service.

Unfortunately, it is natural to attract critics and naysayers when you take a strong stand. Luckily for most of us, however, our disparagers are not life-threatening. When you connect your brand to your purpose, you become a true leader. You embody the hopes of the people you are trying to serve. It is a great responsibility, but it is a chance to live a life of meaning.

I have a dream too. It is that each person would feel empowered to embrace and share their own unique voice, to bring their gifts into the world and make it a better place. What’s your dream?

Voice your convictions!

If you could change one thing to make the world a better place, what would it be?

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