Consistency is Key to Successful Branding

The Personal Branding Compass
April 5, 2011
Will your brand be memorable?
April 24, 2011

One complaint I often hear from my international friends is how homogenized the shopping experience can be in the United States.  You can go from Boston to Miami and find the exact same stores and the exact same merchandise in those stores.  True there are times when I long for a unique shopping experience, but I also find it comforting to know when I travel I can usually find whatever I need at a local Target store.  Or if I get hungry, I know I can get the egg-white flat bread sandwich at any Dunkin' Donuts.  You know what to expect when you think of those stores.  It is consistent and reliable.

One of the wonderful benefits of watching a high-level artist is having the ability to get lost in the performance because you know they are going to deliver something great.  You don't worry about whether or not they will hit the notes.  These performers have earned our trust and as a result we continue to be fans and even evangelists on their behalf.  We have confidence in them because they are consistently spectacular.

Of course, the same can be true for your personal brand, but first YOU must be consistent.  Are you consistent in the way you express your brand? Are you consistent in the way you interact with your colleagues?  Do you consistently say thank you?  Are you consistent in your appearance or your online identity?   When you are not consistent, your audience loses faith and loses interest. However, when you consistently express your brand with excellence, you create raving fans and consistent followers.