Projecting your Voice

April 8, 2015

How To Successfully Pitch For Big Money

This week I had the chance to attend the Boston Women’s Venture Capital Summit. It was an amazing experience to see and hear both successful entrepreneurs and angel investors talk about what it takes to attract big money into your business. During the summit, eight entrepreneurs had a chance to pitch and get feedback from 2 panels of investors. I was so impressed by the entrepreneurs, each one giving a thoroughly prepared presentation in front of two hundred people. Talk about pressure. They all did very well, but not all of them nailed it. There was a clear distinction between those who scored and those who didn’t. What was it that made one presenter stand out over the others…? It was CHARISMA baby!!! Definition: compelling attractiveness or charm that can inspire devotion in others. “she enchanted guests with her charisma” Synonyms: charm, presence, personality, force of personality, strength of character; magnetism, attractiveness, appeal, allure It was their ability to “hook” the audience which in this case was the angel investors. Hooking them meant the difference between potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars…. or nothing. It is absolutely crucial to create an emotional connection with your audience. You could have the most […]
July 9, 2014

How to Build a Power Voice

Have you ever been to a really good concert? You know the kind where the singer makes you literally soon? I sure have, only instead of a concert, it was at the opera. When I was singing professionally, I would often be onstage with phenomenal singers with extremely powerful voices. I remember a production when someone dared the lead tenor to hold the high note as long as he could at the end of his aria. He actually kept singing as he exited off the stage, down a flight of steps and into his dressing room still holding that same note. The conductor was furious, but we singers thought it was awesome. Imagine the strength it takes to send your voice over an orchestra to the back of the hall. As entrepreneurs we need to have powerful voices as well if we want to be heard above the noise and reach our audiences.  But we are an impatient bunch. We want yummy clients now. We want a book deal yesterday. We want to be invited to speak on big stages and host tv shows next week, right? Unfortunately, it doesn’t happen that way. In order to project a super powerful […]
December 31, 2013

Did I just say that?

Every year during the holidays I do something stupid. It’s not the same thing every year, but it does happen every year. I may say something inane. I might accidentally blow-off an appointment. This year it was getting getting my kids dressed in their holiday outfits, loading up the car and heading to Christmas brunch with the grandparents only to realize after 20 minutes of driving that brunch was the next day. I hate making these mistakes. It’s embarrassing, disappointing and I’m sick of it happening. So I’ve decided to figure what the heck is going on and come up with a plan to minimize my gaffs. Five minutes later… Ok, I’ve got it completely figured out. It didn’t take months of research to identify the problem. It was staring me right in my worn down face.
October 24, 2013

Do You Have Brander’s Block?

Ah, time to write the blog again. Let me ask you something, how did you read that last statement? In your mind was it “Ah, this is going to be the time of day I get to relax and express my thoughts?” Or what it is closer to “Oh my god, I’m so brain numb I have nothing interesting to say and this is going to take me four hours to push out?” Hey we all have those days when we are tired or maybe a little less inspired, but if you find yourself dreading the blog-writing process every time you sit in front of your computer, you may be suffering from Brander’s Block. Brander’s Block is
May 28, 2013

Why You Need An Obnoxious Brand To Succeed

If you were raised anything like I was, you were taught to be polite and proper, especially if you are female. “Say please and thank you, keep your clothes neat, don’t interrupt others when they are speaking.” The last thing your parents wanted you to be was obnoxious!  However, teaching good etiquette to children can leave a residue that makes it difficult to market a business effectively. In order to grow your business, you need to be able to reach and communicate with your audience on a regular basis which means you need to be persistent. The problem for many female entrepreneurs is they don’t want to bother anyone. They don’t want to come across as too pushy. How many times have you heard business coaches say they teach how to do sales without being “salesy”? Salesy has become the new “F” word. What happens in an effort not to be seen as obnoxious is lack of growth and loss of potential income. Did you know it takes an average
July 13, 2012

Are You Optimizing Your Brand Resonators?

In classical singing we often talk about creating resonance. Resonance is what makes a voice carry. Leveraging vocal resonators is what enables classical singers to project their voices over the orchestra without the aid of a microphone. Leveraging personal brand resonators buoys your business to rise over the noise of the marketplace. In singing, optimizing resonance is done by creating sympathetic vibrations in different parts of the body to enhance the sound coming from the tiny vocal folds in the throat. Because each person has unique physiology, these resonators also play a significant role in the distinct quality of sound each singer is able to make. It is part of the vocal finger print. If you have a broad face and a big nose, your sound will be different than if you had a thin face with fine features. However, in order to create this synthesized and original sound, you have to keep the system open and allow the vibrations to travel freely throughout the body. If the system is not open and supported, the singer cannot take advantage of all the resonators and the result is a compromised tone. In personal branding, each of us has a unique voice as well. Our brand […]
March 19, 2012

Open Wide

There is a very funny phenomenon that happens when people first start taking voice lessons. They have a tendency to try to sing with their mouths closed! It’s a very strange thing. The whole point of lessons is to open up the instrument and learn how to let the voice soar. You would think if someone is willing to invest the time and money to actually take singing lessons it would be natural to open up and sing.  However, I have seen the contrary many, many times in my own teaching and watching other singers in master classes. Why is this so? First, people are NOT AWARE they are not opening their mouths fully. Often when one sings with a partially closed mouth the voice actually sounds quite large on the inside. The sad truth is, however, the sound is getting trapped inside the singer’s body, rumbling around inside their throat, their mouth and their ears. It is not being projected out. As a result, the sound from the outside is small and muffled. Secondly, in spite of the fact the student has invested in lessons and thus shown a genuine interest in learning to sing, they are AFRAID to let their voice out. Again, I have seen it many times, […]
November 14, 2011

Baby it’s Cold Outside

As it is getting colder in New England I realized it is time to buy a new winter jacket. In full disclosure I already have several winter jackets so I don’t actually need another one to keep warm. I do want another jacket, however, because am not completely satisfied with how I feel in the ones I have now. It’s not a question of how they fit, it’s a question of how I feel about myself when I’m in those jackets. I mentioned in a previous post that I recently re-embraced an edgier part of my personal brand, so now I feel like I want to have that edginess come through in my winter jacket. Why all the fuss about a winter jacket? If you live anywhere where it’s cold in the winter, you know you spend 90% of your time interacting with other people wearing your winter coat. It becomes a very big part of how your personal brand is expressed in your appearance. Putting together a branded outerwear ensemble is a really smart and fun thing to do. All you need is a great coat or jacket in a neutral color and then you can add all the do-dads and colors you […]