Can Your Brand Sell a Green Shoe?

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October 15, 2011
Hustle & Flow
October 29, 2011

Can Your Brand Sell a Green Shoe?I have sworn off watching the news during my daily 6:00am treadmill run. It bums me out too much. I have switched to reading client attraction, self-improvement or branding materials instead. However, the other day I forgot my book and resorted to watching tv again. I landed on the highly cerebral show of “America’s Next Top Model.” Hey, not only did it get me through the burn, it also reminded me of an important branding lesson.

On this particular episode the girls were asked to pose nude except for one piece of clothing, jewelry or other accessory they would be trying to “sell” with the picture. Of course, most of the models were understandably nervous, who wouldn’t be, but it was so interesting to see how some of the girls succeeded in capturing the interest of the viewer and some did not. You have to remember ALL of these girls were gorgeous with near perfect bodies, so it wasn’t a question of whether someone was pretty enough or svelte enough to look good in the photo. It was more a question of what ELSE they brought to the scene.

As the judges reviewed the pictures a few of the girls looked awkward, others looked beautiful and sexy. However, there was one girl who looked totally electric. Her pose was extremely unique with her leg lifted while still covering the rest of her body in the right places. Her arm was outstretched like a ballet dancer and her hand tilted in just the right way. Her face was extremely provacative. Even with all this going on, you still managed to notice the green shoes she was wearing! She sold the damn shoes standing there completely naked.

As the judges said, this was a picture that would stop you from flipping the page. It was interesting and unique. Was it the prettiest picture? No. It was different. It captured your attention. It made a bold statement. Can you say the same thing about your brand?

What is it about what you do that makes people take notice? How are you capturing the attention of your audience? Unless you have something interesting to say or at least a unique way of presenting your message or service, you may be in danger of having people flip right past you. Great brands take a stand. You do not have to be the prettiest girl at the party, but you do have to have a point of view. You have to have a strong voice!

It takes guts to stick your neck out, but the alternative is to be left in the shadows. You did not get into business to be a wall flower. If you want to succeed you need to take some risks. Luckily, for most of us this will not include posing nude for photos, but it will probably require you go past your comfort zone. Your audience is waiting to be thrilled so don’t just be another pretty face in the crowd. Grab some green shoes and jump into the spotlight.

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