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November 19, 2013
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December 11, 2013

When I was in 10th grade I tried out for my school musical. It was Fiddler on the Roof. Ah, how many productions of ¬†Fiddler have been performed on high school stages… I was a sophomore and had been told many times by other students that only seniors got lead roles, but I was not deterred. I practiced my little heart out and on the day of the audition I was ready.

We all sat in the dark auditorium waiting for our names to be called. Of course, with each passing second my heart beat faster and faster, but I was also excited. I wanted to be on that stage. I wanted to show what I could do. So I sat in my seat trying to think of how I could make myself stand out from the rest of the auditioners. And then it hit me.

As I watched the other kids perform I noticed some of them were hard to see. They were literally in the dark. There was a spotlight in the middle of the stage and some of the kids were standing to the right or left of its range. Sadly, their performances were completely lost. I knew right then and there where I needed to be. When it was my turn to go on stage I made sure that every move I made stayed within the scope of that spotlight.

Happily, I was awarded the lovely part of Hodel. Of course, in order to win the role I had to be talented and perform well, however, it would have been a lot harder for my performance to shine had I not stepped into the spotlight.

Unfortunately, there are many very talented entrepreneurs who are not enjoying success because their talents are hidden in the dark. They are great at what they do, but because they lack visibility, they miss out on many great opportunities. Sadly, often the reason people miss out is because they are not comfortable being in the spotlight.

If you can relate to that feeling, I have one thing to say to you. Get over it! Really, I mean it. You have to get comfortable being seen. How else are you going to grow your business? People have to know about you. They have to know who you are, what you do, what value you bring, what transformations you offer. If they don’t know those things, how do you expect them to feel comfortable buying your products and services.

Yes, yes, Heather, but you don’t underst..a..n..n.n.d…I’m shy…YOU are a performer. YOU are a natural.

I want to tell you something. I do understand. I get nervous every time I speak, every time I sing, every time I post a blog for goodness sake, but I do it anyway. Why? Because what I want is greater than my fear. You must be willing to do what is uncomfortable to get what you want.

I am also not a natural. I am skilled. I have spent hundreds of hours training to perform publicly in spite of nerves. This is a skill anyone can learn. Of course, there will be some who are more talented than others, but everyone can improve if they are willing to put the work in.

There is one thing, however, that cannot be taught. You must be hungry. When I was in 10th grade, I wanted to be on that stage. I wanted to share my voice. I wanted the chance to be in the show. I was hungry for the opportunity. If you are not hungry for success, your fear will win.@HeatherPoduska (Tweet this)You will not be sufficiently motivated to push yourself out of your comfort zone.

If you are perfectly happy with your business as it is now and your belly is full, go ahead and hang out in the dark. However, if you want more, you are going to have to find the light. Otherwise, your business will starve.

I love to hear your voice!

What is one thing you are willing to commit to this week to increase your visibility?

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