From Anonymous To Unstoppable In 30 Days!

  • Are you hungry to have more meaning and clarity about your purpose?
  • Do you struggle knowing how to talk about what you do in a compelling way?
  • Do you want to attract the perfect clients who LOVE and GET you?
  • Need a clear and easy way to package your brilliance so it sells like crazy?

Get the CLARITY you need to create a brand that expresses
who you are, attracts your ideal clients and sells like hot-cakes!

Coaches, consultants and service entrepreneurs, if you have been struggling to attract ideal clients quickly and easily, it doesn’t have to be that way. When you understand how to position yourself as a high-value expert, you completely change the game.

Most entrepreneurs who struggle think they have a marketing problem. The truth is, you can market until the cows come home, but if your message is muddy or your services aren’t clear and enticing, you’re never going to make the kind of money you could and should be making.

Let’s change that! In just 30 days, you can have a brand message and a signature program that will sell like hot-cakes and makes YOU feel great because it reflects the core of who you are and why you are in business.


Here’s what you’ll learn:

1. Create an authentically aligned dream vision for your business.

Learn what your unique purpose is and how you can put your vision to work in your business to create amazing results for yourself and your client.

2. Unearth your compelling brand story that SELLS.

Discover and refine your unique brand story that magnetizes your audience and compels them to buy.

3. Identify your unique profit niche.

Learn where you should be focusing your time and attention to work in your zone of genius and attract the perfect clients for your brand and business.

4. Craft a signature offer that SELLS like hot-cakes!

Most branding programs stop with messaging, but in the bootcamp you’ll take it all the way baby and create a signature program that aligns with your message so you’ll leave with something you can sell right away!*

*One of my past clients sold her new signature program within 24 hours!


You will also get access to 2 private Q & A recordings where I do hot-seat coaching. You will get to hear first hand how I walk past bootcampers through their messaging, positioning and product-creation roadblocks. These two sessions are extremely valuable as may recognize many of your own questions and get the answers and strategies you need to move forward. Listen as my client has a break-through session!

Bonus #2

As part of the Brand Star Bootcamp, you will receive a private, one-on-one 30-minute coaching session with me to get your questions answered and feedback on your work to make it even more valuable and compelling. This is a $500 value, but is your for free as a special bonus!

If you do the work, you will have everything you need from from this program to start generating thousands and thousands of dollars of revenue into your business very quickly!


One time offer only=>$197

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What's Included

This is a 4-week online program. You have access to ALL the course content immediately so you can work at your own pace. All the step-by-step templates and recordings are on one, easy-to-follow class page.

You will also receive weekly email check-ins to keep you accountable and on track.

The Bootcamp, of course, includes a private Facebook group to provide a place to network and get feedback from your classmates and from me!

And finally, you will receive a your one-on-one, 30-minute private coaching session with me which is a $500 value.

The Brand Star Bootcamp is designed to give you what you need to create a profitable, aligned brand and a signature program you can start selling right away!

If you are ready to finally get the clarity you need to move the needle forward in your business, this is for YOU!


One time offer only=>$197

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Rave Reviews

Carol Chapman Carol Chapman, Financial Empowerment Coach

“I came to Heather because I needed to communicate what I do in an impactful way. I really wanted to rock a room with my intro in 30 seconds or less. Working with Heather, I got complete clarity on how to do exactly that. In fact, I booked my first VIP client the day after our session. Part of what made it possible was also the confidence I felt as a result of our work together. Heather is very gifted. This was the best investment I’ve made in my business so far.”

Sterling Fulton Sterling Fulton, Life Strategist for Women in Crisis

“I had been trying for months to develop my own branding for my business, but was spinning my wheels without having much success of gaining traction. The time I spent with Heather turned it all around. I had a paying client within a week. It was amazing. Heather was able to help me to get clear on my messaging, focus in on the needs of my target audience and rebrand my business to actually do what I envisioned. Working with Heather Poduska was the best money I have spent developing my business.”

Ramona Remesat Ramona Remesat, Intuitive Business Coach & Angel Therapy Practioner

I immediately jumped at the opportunity for the Brand Star Bootcamp as Heather knows her stuff! She provided not only amazing content, that went way above and beyond my expectations, but dove deeply into the areas that we covered. She asked extremely thought provoking questions that really made me think. Doing the homework helped me to get a clear and easy-to-communicate, vision of my work -- FINALLY! I have no doubt that, thanks to your guidance and support, I will now be able to connect with my ideal client more easily, and build a business and a life that I love!


One time offer only=>$197

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