Is Your Brand A Traffic Hazard?

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January 16, 2018

I don’t know what’s up in Boston lately, but there has been a ton of traffic and not just any traffic, bumper-to-bumper, sloth-moving, stand-still traffic.


I don’t know, maybe I’m just not used to the commuter grind like I used to be, but it feels like the volume of people on the roads has grown exponentially.


While I cherish the fact we live in such an amazing city, I don’t cherish the gridlock that accompanies it.


It’s virtually impossible to get where you’re going without becoming a master at switching lanes. But I gotta say, the thing that bothers me the most isn’t the driver who zips in front of me, that’s bound to happen. Nope, what makes my head spin is when someone is indecisive.


You see it all the time. Someone starts to switch lanes, but then instead of following through, the driver hovers over the dotted line blocking both lanes. Or someone comes to a rotary where they have the right of way and instead of moving, they inch forward backing up everyone behind them.


The reason it bothers me so much is because it stops the flow. Why make a move until you are sure of what you want? Just stay in your lane until you are ready and then make the shift in an assertive, intentional, thoughtful way.


Ok, while I see the humor in asking cranky, hungry commuters to make thoughtful lane changes, as you can guess, I’m actually using traffic as a metaphor for branding. If you’re in constant wishy-washy mode with your brand, (yes, wishy-washy is a technical term) you will not gain the traction you need to sky-rocket your success.


The number one thing it takes to become a star brand is staying in your lane. @HeatherPoduska (tweet this)


Superstars are known for ONE thing, not twenty.

Serena Williams-Tennis
Tom Brady-Football
Oprah-Media Mogul
Jeff Bezos-Amazon
Tony Robbins-Inspirational Speaking
Warren Buffet-Wealth


It doesn’t mean that these people don’t have full lives or try other ventures along the way, however, their rise to fame was singular. They made their mark in one area first and most of what they do is tied to their initial path in some way.


In order to achieve that kind of success, you need tenacity, persistence and above all, vision. You have to know what you want and where you’re going.


The same is true for your business. If you want to become a leader in your industry, you need to become known for something. It doesn’t mean you can’t offer different services, but there should be an over-arching theme to what you do.


For example,my overall mission is to help entrepreneurs unlock their star potential so they can command the stage and attract ideal clients with their message. I offer more than one service in my business, like messaging & visibility strategies, stage & media performance training and image consulting, but they all lead to one ultimate outcome, launching brand stars. I stay in my lane. AND it’s all related to my initial path and first love of operatic singing.


If all of a sudden I decided to start focusing on how to do Facebook ads, it would pull away from the vision I have of launching superstars ready for the spotlight.


You don’t want to be like a drunk driver with your brand, mindlessly swerving between lanes. You have to give yourself some boundaries so you can focus your energy and stay on track with your vision.


This isn’t to say you can’t or shouldn’t ever change directions. We are evolving humans who have the right for reinvention. However, you need to make sure you are thoughtful and intentional about those changes. Just like my friendly commuter friends.:)


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Until next time, here’s to hitting all your high notes.



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