Are YOU ready for the spotlight?

I believe all of us are born with incredible star power, with massive potential to become major influencers who can impact the lives of thousands, if not millions of people for the better and yes, to make serious BANK baby!

However, most entrepreneurs never come close to fulfilling their true potential. They remain stuck and frustrated, lost in the shadows, sensing they could do more, be more and give more... if they only knew how. Instead, they watch with envy at the players who are whizzing to the top and making it BIG. Does this sound familiar to you?

It doesn't have to be that way...

YOU can be a Super-Star, the one whose name people drop to impress their colleagues. YOU can be the one people ask to be their key-note speaker, who's invited on the hottest podcasts and to present on the most prestigious stages. And YOU can be the one who snags  highest paying clients and closes 5 and 6-figure deals.

But first, you have to know how to show up as the star.

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The reason most entrepreneurs, especially women, never make it big is not lack of talent. It's not knowing how to present your unique gifts to be most profitable. It's not knowing how to deliver your message in a compelling way that captivates your audience. It's not knowing how to POSITION YOURSELF so others recognize your value and pay you what you're worth. It's a lack of the right kind of visibility so your peeps can find you and spread the word of your brilliance!

And let's face it, you have to look the part of a star to be seen as a star. No schumpakinks here please! Do you know how to present yourself and your brand in the most beautiful, authentic and alluring way to create your own version of the WOWIE-ZOWIE factor? If not, there's work to be done.

In an eye-candy world you need an eye-candy brand.

And finally, if you don't have the chops, you're not getting the job. You need to PERFORM like star, how to deliver value and touch the hearts of your audience. Whether you're live or online, you must command the stage with confidence. Star project charisma that says, "All eyes on me, baby!"

Of course, none of this happens without a clearly defined STRATEGY and the SUPPORT to unlock your potential and set your success in motion. That is where the Brand Star Academy comes in.

The Brand Star Academy is designed to develop and optimize your potential as a powerful leader, a speaker and an online sensation. We are grooming stars here, people who are ready to step-up and into the spotlight to change the world.

This is not a cookie-cutter, pre-packaged system, but rather a customized, intensive coaching program to take you from where you are now as an entrepreneur and launch your star status. At the Brand Star Academy, each person is supported in fulfilling their personal mission for contribution and accomplish their own, unique version of success.

You will learn things like:

  • How to craft a uniquely powerful message to ignite your audience.
  • How to position yourself as an industry leader.
  • How to create a suite of powerful signature talks that get you PAID like a star.
  • How to set up a highly lucrative business model.
  • How to define and polish your own unique image so you LOOK like a star.
  • How to get your foot in the door for prestigious speaking and media opportunities.
  • How to connect with other major influencers for important collaborations.
  • How to exude confidence and charisma so people are naturally drawn to you.
  • How to leverage your online video and live-streaming presence to makes sales.
  • How to become a dynamic performer from the stage and in front of the camera.
  • How to create a HOT social media presence.
Halle Eavelyn, Transformational Coach

Heather Poduska is such a powerful, inspirational coach! I sought out Heather’s services because I wanted to start speaking nationally and get my name out there in a big way in my new career. I had been speaking for years, even on a national stage, in other industries, but in my transformational coaching practice, I had not even gotten on a stage yet. And I was having newbie jitters. Heather helped me craft everything – my look, my presence, my persona, and especially my signature talks. Hell, I didn’t even know I needed a signature talk until I met Heather!  My new talk positions me perfectly and has enabled me to start lining-up opportunities that would otherwise, not have been possible. I feel empowered as an expert right from the moment I apply – and that power comes through and makes me more desirable to the opportunities.  For example, after giving just one 15 minute presentation, the host organization asked me to join their advisory board. For another event, I was even considered for the same stage as the State Attorney General!

Heather shows up like the cheerleader she is, and whether she needs to push from behind or pull me toward the next thing I need in my speaking game plan, she’s always there to make me feel like a star and believes in me, that I can and will be that star! I am so grateful to her for everything that has happened and for everything that is yet to come!

Halle Eavelyn, Transformational Coach http://www.halleeavelyn.com/
Debora McLaughlin,  Executive Leadership Coach to Women CEO’s CEO of The Renegade Leader Coaching and Consulting Group Author of The Renegade Leader & upcoming Running in Heels

Like many business owners, I knew I was on the cusp of a big launch, everything was falling into place, clients I loved working with, services that caused transformations in leaders and in organizations, but I was missing one thing…the key words that clearly and concisely indicated what I do.

Heather was able to easily extract my message from my dissertation of words and filter it down to a powerful message. In 3 hours I walked away with an elevator speech that is compelling and as professional as the top leaders I want to attract, the three key points and benefit statements of what I deliver that can be used in any interview, conversation and as the core of my Running in High Heels book and the introduction of my signature speech!

Having a clear concise message will distinguish me from my competitors, attract highly vested and invested clients and allow me to do the work I want to do in the world. I am now free from the struggle of not knowing how to clearly articulate the transformational power of what I deliver to potential clients.

If you are struggling in any area of your business message or brand platform, see Heather. She is quickly able to click your puzzle pieces together and to form the box cover of what you do, who you do it for, why you do it and the results it provides. This alone will distinguish you as an expert and attract more revenue easily into your business.

Debora McLaughlin, Executive Leadership Coach to Women CEO’s CEO of The Renegade Leader Coaching and Consulting Group Author of The Renegade Leader & upcoming Running in Heels http://therenegadeleader.com/
Trish O'Neill, Speaker, Cancer Survivor Creator of

Working with Heather as an experience of a lifetime, She had the ability to reach my core, exposing me to a different mind set. This had been a something which I had been struggling with. After being an undercover Detective for almost 20 years, I was trained to think and work in ways that most people could not relate to. While re-discovering myself, Heather provided me mental and emotional support.

The systems she has developed reinforced her teachings on how to channel my signature speech to the appropriate audiences without changing my message. Heather’s techniques in funneling tiered programs that  work for different audiences and clients was also extremely helpful. Prior to working with Heather, I found myself so overwhelmed with content  to share in my speeches. I also  lacked the right methodology to  use in preparing and presenting my signature speech.  I truly felt Heather’s authenticity as she showed an invested interest in my story. She reiterated over and over to focus on the results I wanted . We all want successful  results. In working with Heather, she encouraged me to polish my story, prepared me to pitch my elevator speech to different focus groups and then use the same words used to describe me in my speech,  As an Inspirational Speaker, I don’t know if I would have come so far in these past two months without Heather and utilizing her expertise in so many areas.

Trish O'Neill, Speaker, Cancer Survivor Creator of "Your Approach Is Everything" Trish O'Neill Speaks

We are a community of leaders.

This is a safe place to be as big as you want to be. No one will ever shame you for wanting to build an empire, become a global thought-leader, make millions of dollars, travel the world or look like a movie star. It's a community of highly ambitious doers, grinding it out to make their dreams come true. Here, you will be supported to the become dynamic, powerhouse success you were meant to be.

WARNING: At this point, you may be feeling very excited about becoming a Brand Star, but this program is not for everyone.

It's only meant for people who know they are ready to commit to becoming the best version of themselves, those who want to play big or go home, who are ready, willing and able to put some skin in the game. If you can't say a big "Hell Yes!!" to that, then this isn't for you.

The Brand Star Academy is for people who want to build their empire and are excited by the idea of hustling to get there.


  • Living a full-throttle life that feels exciting and meaningful.
  • Going to bed at night knowing you are on your own path to greatness.
  • Knowing you are making a real difference in the world to changes lives.
  • Feeling like your foot is off the break & and you are cruising towards your dreams.
  • Being surrounded by a community that GETS you.
  • Finally finding your voice, loving who you are and OWNING your power!

Now imagine being led by someone who is completed committed to and believes in your success, who supports and challenges you in being your best and who fully believes in the possibility of a purpose-filled, profitable life.

If this is the life and business you've been craving, then I invite you to apply to join the Brand Star Academy.

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