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March 19, 2014

What to do when you don’t see results.

Here is a picture of my front yard. Today is the first day of spring in Boston. You’d never know it by the looks of things. There are still piles of 2-foot snow drifts sprinkled around my neighborhood. Gross. Last year at this time there were 2-inch crocus buds popping up by my walk-way. Yesterday, I actually got down on my hands and knees in the mud to see if I could find even the tiniest beginnings of a sprout….nothing, absolutely nothing. What the heck is going on? Where is the warm weather? Waiting for flowers to bloom is one thing, waiting for your business to bloom is quite another. Whether you are just starting out or you have been in business a while, we all have periods where we wish our progress was faster. In the beginning, you are just trying to get clients in the door, but even as we move forward
March 12, 2014

Why You Are Not Attracting Ideal Clients.

The number one complaint I hear entrepreneurs make is about their inability to attract ideal clients. They just don’t know what to say to make potential clients pay attention. They know they are good at what they do, but they just can’t seem to pique anyone’s interest let alone convert leads. If this sounds like you, you are probably really frustrated. You may not be sure what you are doing wrong or what to change. I’ve been to a lot of networking events lately and I’ve had the chance to hear a lot of elevator pitches, some of them good, but most I honestly can’t remember. Why is it that some people are able to immediately captivate their audience and others are totally forgettable?
March 5, 2014

How to know if you’re playing small?

Do you want to be a winner? Hey, so do I! I guess that means we have something in common with about a billion other people. I mean, who doesn’t want to be a winner? Do we dream as children of failing or not getting what we want out of life? Of course not. We dream of winning Olympic gold medals or being famous ballerinas. We picture ourselves in mansions driving fancy cars and having a butler bringing us a peanut-butter jelly sandwich on a silver platter. Ok, maybe that last one was just me… But what happens when we grow up? Do we stop dreaming? No, our dreams just get more sophisticated. We want a house in Aspen or to build a multi-million dollar company. Everybody has dreams. Why is it that some people succeed at achieving their goals while others have to settle for less?
February 26, 2014

How to Make An Oscar-Worthy Brand

It’s awards season and this week marks the Big Kahuna of all awards for Hollywood, the Oscars. It’s the night that marks the pinnacle of success for actors and actresses, directors, editors and all those associated with the movie-making business. Actors dream their whole lives of winning this award. I love watching the awards show. Who doesn’t love seeing all those beautiful people dressed to the nines? It’s total eye candy. But in all honesty it’s not my favorite part of the show. I actually love the acceptance speeches. I love seeing the pure joy of the actors, their excitement and nerves. I find it fascinating how flustered they get, these pros who live their lives in front of the camera, performing, suddenly becoming all a flutter when their name is called. For all the coolness of Hollywood, this is a moment where the humanity of the stars shine through. They seem to be truly effected by the experience. It means something to them. I believe because it is a moment of great validation. They are being recognized for their superior talent. We tend to think of stars and starlets as being famous only because they are beautiful. Don’t get me […]
February 19, 2014

Warning! R-Rated

Well, hello there Luscious. I want to welcome you to the R-rated post. It’s going to be a scorcher. I mean it’s going to get so hot up in here you’re going to need fan. Are you ready? I am about to tell you the hottest, most effective sales technique in the universe. It is something that is a guaranteed to make your clients salivate for more. Ok, here it is. I’m going to pull back the covers now and let you see the surprise. Hold on there Sally, not so fast. We’re going to take this slow… real slow. Just a little bit at a time. Let’s make it last. Believe me, it will be worth the wait. Because when you wrap your head around this technique, it’s going to literally blow your socks off. Hey, it may even blow the socks off your clients. They are going LOVE it. It’s going to make them so excited. You are going to make them feel great and you are going to feel great in return. Have you figured it out yet? I sure hope so, because
February 12, 2014

Are You a Progressive Thinker?

I cannot express how much I am sick of winter. One of the things I hate about the cold weather is the slick roads. And wouldn’t you know it, I got hit last week by someone who slid in the snow into my car. Luckily, no one was in the car at the time, but there was quite a bit of damage to the fender. I was not looking forward to dealing with the insurance companies, but alas, it had to be done. The other driver’s insurance was Progressive, you know the one on tv with the quirky woman named Flo? Well,when I called, the insurance guy wanted me to go to their service center to get the repairs done. Only problem was the service center was about 40 minutes from my house. I had no intention of driving that far when I could just pop down to the local garage. But Joshua, the polite agent with whom I spoke, assured me if I did go to the Progressive center I would be in and out in 15 minutes with a new rental to use while waiting for the repairs. Hmmm, now that got me thinking.
February 5, 2014

Why you shouldn’t listen to your emotions.

How are you feeling today? Happy? Sad? Worried? How has your week been? Did you score a big client? Did your dog get sick? If you’re anything like me, your mood is directly effected by the events that occur in your daily life. Something good happens, you feel great. A challenge arises and suddenly you feel lousy. I know the great yogis will say we’re suppose to be able to be “ok” no matter what is happening around us. God bless the people who master their zen, but that isn’t me. Not yet anyway. Nope, as the great Gwen Stefani would say, I’m just a girl in the world with a vat of emotions. Although it would be lovely to cultivate a more consistent sense of well-being, having ups and downs is not the end of the world. What is a buzz kill, however, is
January 28, 2014

Are we there yet?

This is the last week of January. Hard to believe, but the year is really off and running now. From this point forward it’s not really the beginning of the year anymore. We’re in it. So what does that mean for our goals? I don’t know about you, but I love setting goals. For me they are really motivating and fun to plan. It makes me feel alive to imagine all the creative projects I will do for my life and business.  With all this good feeling it’s hard to imagine not accomplishing any of those lovely intentions, but unfortunately, that’s what often happens. Life gets in the way. Something will come up to throw us off course. It’s natural. Life is not linear. There are bumps and curves in the road. Sometimes there are even giant potholes! However, life is not the problem. It is not usually outside forces that ultimately keep us from reaching our goals. It’s how we
January 22, 2014

Eenie, Meenie, Miney, BRAND

What would you say the number one difficulty most people have when trying to brand themselves or their businesses? Not a big enough marketing budget? Maybe struggling to find the right graphic designer? Or perhaps even finding the right niche? Nah…none of those are the biggest stumbling block getting in the way of most entrepreneurs trying to create successful brands. Want to know what is?… LACK OF CLARITY. As the saying goes, “When the path is clear, execution is successful.” So it goes to follow, when the path is not clear, there’s a whole lot ‘a shakin’ goin’ on, meaning the foundation is not stable. When your intention is not clear, your results fizzle. Clarity is the foundation to any strong brand. But what’s a girl to do if she’s not feeling clear? YOU NEED TO
January 15, 2014

Why everyone needs a good nurse.

I love nurses. They are my absolute heroes. If you are a nurse, I worship the ground you walk on. Truly. If you’ve ever had a baby, you know how important nurses are. When I was in the hospital to give birth to my first baby, I was understandably scared, as are most women. I knew childbirth was not going to be easy, but I had been to all the prenatal classes and had been prepped on the beauty of an epidural. Unfortunately for me, by the time I was ready for the epidural during the delivery, there were three emergency c-sections at the hospital which meant no anesthesiologists and no epidural for me. WHAT!!??? Ramp up scared to holy-mother-of-god terrified. I was going to have a baby with no meds. This was not in the birthing plan! Enter Nurse Joan…