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October 24, 2013

Do You Have Brander’s Block?

Ah, time to write the blog again. Let me ask you something, how did you read that last statement? In your mind was it “Ah, this is going to be the time of day I get to relax and express my thoughts?” Or what it is closer to “Oh my god, I’m so brain numb I have nothing interesting to say and this is going to take me four hours to push out?” Hey we all have those days when we are tired or maybe a little less inspired, but if you find yourself dreading the blog-writing process every time you sit in front of your computer, you may be suffering from Brander’s Block. Brander’s Block is
October 16, 2013

When Size Really Matters

Let me ask you something, how big is your dream? Do you even know? Although some people aim high when contemplating their goals, most of us stop ourselves from thinking really big. Instead of reaching for the stars, we cut ourselves off before we even leave the ground. This seems to be especially true for women. Ask a woman entrepreneur what her dream for her business is and often the response will be “Oh, I don’t need much. I just want to make enough to contribute to our family.” While it’s certainly admirable to contribute to the family, it does not exactly evoke a jump-up-and-down feeling. “Yeah, I helped buy groceries this week.” Fizzle…fizzle… Of course, if you haven’t been able to afford groceries, that may very well be a big goal. However,
October 10, 2013

How Well Do You Know Your Ideal Clients?

We all want thriving businesses, and in order to do so, there is one main thing you need. Clients! However, you don’t want just any clients. You want those ideal, juicy clients. The ones with whom you feel energized every time you engage with them. The clients who love you and your services and are happy to pay your fees because they recognize the value you bring. So who exactly is this ideal client? It’s YOU! More than likely you got into business because you felt a calling to either help people or create something that would meet a need or desire in the marketplace. And more than likely, you also chose your business based on a need or desire you have or had in the not too distant past. Not always, but very often,
October 1, 2013

You Gotta Connect!

In order to grow your business, there is one simple fact. You have to connect with people. No matter what you are selling, 100 times out of 100, you are ultimately selling to another person.@HeatherPoduska (Tweet this) And in order to sell to a lot of people you have to get in front of a lot of people. Which means whether you are speaking to a group or attending a networking event, you’ve got to get your people chops in order. It’s not always easy or comfortable to engage with strangers, but you have to learn how to do it. All business is built on relationships and the better relationship you have with your audience, the easier it will be to sell your services. This does not mean, of course, to go out with the intent of buttering up prospects for the sole person of selling to them. However, it does mean you should be trying to establish genuine connections with those you meet on the journey of entrepreneurship. Not only does it make good business sense to establish positive relationships,
September 25, 2013

Why Can’t I Do This On My Own?

Why is it so hard to brand yourself? Those of you who know me know my favorite phrase “Trying to brand yourself is like trying to cut your own hair.”@Heather Poduska (Tweet this) You can do it, but you probably won’t be satisfied with the results. Why is that? Why do we need someone else to help create a brand, and a personal brand at that! Don’t we know ourselves best? Don’t we have a pretty good clue about what are strengths are and what makes us special? Well, if you are off and running and have all the clients you want, have a crystal clear platform, know exactly how to articulate your value and have an image that authentically reflects the vibe of your business, then the answer is YES! Woohoo, my hats off to you. You did it, you’re a genius. For most of us though,
September 18, 2013

Looking For More Referrals?

If you want to find a new doctor or a great hair stylist, how do you know where to look? Most of us ask our friends, families and colleagues for referrals. The person referred may not even be the best in their field, but because the reference came from a personal connection, we are way more likely to give them a try. Obviously, personal referrals are very powerful which is why as entrepreneurs we are always trying to figure out how to get more of them. Here are  few tips to better your chances of getting more and better referrals from your peeps.
September 10, 2013

When Perfectionism Pays Off

The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short, but in setting our aim too low and achieving our mark. -Michelangelo I think perfectionism gets a bad rap. Every where you turn you are told to stop being so hard on yourself and light up, but I have begun to question that line of thinking. Ok, I get it, you shouldn’t allow yourself to get caught up in a shame spiral, but what if in an effort to avoid self-destruction we are actually selling ourselves short? For most of my life I have struggled to perfect my singing technique. In fact, it’s probably the reason I’m sitting here writing this blog instead of standing on a beautiful stage somewhere singing La Traviata. It is also the reason I still sing. I never lost the desire to perfect my technique. I still think about how forward or back my sound is. How much vertical space to give a tone. How much pressure to use. I concentrate on loosening my jaw and eliminating tongue tension. And you know what? 
September 4, 2013

I Am Woman Hear Me Brand!

There are more women entrepreneurs now than at any other time in history. According Forbes magazine, female entrepreneurship will create over half the small business jobs in the U.S. by year 2018. However, according to the US Census Bureau, we only generate 4% of the revenue. Ouch. Why if we are so industrious are we not creating more profits? After all, as Stuart Smalley always said, “We’re good enough, we’re smart enough. And doggone it, people like us!” We have what it takes to be successful, but that is not necessarily translating into actual profits. Here’s the rub. Being smart, talented and hard-working may not be enough to really grow your business. Of course, without those traits, you don’t have much of a chance at anything, but the marketplace is littered with struggling business owners who work hard. There is something missing in this equation.
August 27, 2013

Are You Ready For Your Close-Up?

We all know branding is about finding your ideal niche, understanding how to differentiate yourself and communicating your message clearly to engage your audience. However, a HUGE part of branding is the visual image you create to represent your promise of value. We often think of the image of the brand as the logo or even the colors and fonts on your website. Those are all very, very important. However, if you are solopreneur one of the most important aspects of brand image is your own face! Your brand may be the face of your business, but as a solopreneur, YOUR face is the face of your brand. @HeatherPoduska (Tweet this) How you represent yourself personally both online and in the flesh is extremely important. Your audience will
August 21, 2013

The Problem With Thinking Outside The Box

Want to know how to turn your pretty good brand into something really special? You need to shake it up, think outside the box. At least that’s what everyone says. But what if everyone is wrong? What if everything you needed to be spectacular was right inside your very own box? The problem with thinking outside the box is the whole going outside business. We tend to think we can cherry pick parcels of genius from the ether.  The truth is, when we reach out and away, we move away from the very things that could set us apart. In an effort to expand our brand appeal we actually dilute its  potency. Of course, we find inspiration outside of ourselves, however,