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Lewis Howes

New York Times Best Seller, Lifestyle Entrepreneur

Heather has a 6th sense of being able to correctly identify characteristics based on "the first impression" - something a lot of marketers often overlook when branding.

Ginger Casey

Emmy Award Winning Journalist

Heather’s intuitive understanding of the importance of finding your “essence” was enormously helpful to me. She was tireless in helping me distill my journalism career down to the simple phrase, “Bringing the Truth to Light”, which really says everything about what I have been doing for the past 23 years. I recommend her highly for helping anyone to discover how to better build and define their “brand”. Plus her connections were invaluable in helping me find terrific web support and design as I launched my website, GingerCasey.com. “Clear Voice” is a clear choice and the right one.

Leise Jones


I worked with Heather at the start of the new year because I wanted to have a super focused way to talk about my business as I entered my 5th year. In just a few hours working with Heather we dug into why I had started my business and what my overall purpose was; we identified my ideal clients and target market; we wrote a clear and effective elevator pitch! I left my VIP Day with Heather knowing that I had the tools to take my business to the next level. Using what I learned while working with Heather, I overhauled my business website and improved my signature presentation to prospective clients. Every business owner should work with Heather to learn to present their business with the clarity and confidence that they need to grow.

Wendy Sabin

Money Coach + Profit Strategist + CPACreator of the Profit Sweet Spot System

Before working with Heather, I was struggling to attract the right clients in my business. While I thought I was communicating how I could help entrepreneurs with strategy, they only heard me talk of my technical abilities. I knew my message was not coming through clearly. I’d heard amazing things about Heather, so I knew she could help me. She did not disappoint! Heather truly has a gift of clarity, pulling out the essence of what you’re trying to say (when sometimes you don’t even know what you’re trying to say!). After a short time together, she told me some of my gifts and strengths, things I hadn’t even thought of. We incorporated these into my title and my signature system in ways I could not have done on my own.

After working with Heather, I have a pitch that gets attention (literally, I’ve had compliments on how good it is!). I have re-purposed the pitch for various marketing – website, business cards, signature system, signature talk, speaker profile, social media – it’s endless. It truly is the driving force behind everything else in my business! She also recommended color changes to my website, and now it sends the right message to potential clients. Because my brand is consistent and clear on all platforms (print, web, speaking), I now feel totally confident in charging what I’m worth, I can’t recommend Heather highly enough, I will definitely be working with her again!

Gayle Nowak

The Story Stylist

I sought Heather’s branding expertise because I felt like I had been spinning my wheels for several months trying to develop my niche. I knew that with the help of Heather’s objective point of view and expertise that she would help me nail it.

I was hoping she would help me “zip up my brand”, and that’s exactly what she did.

I had been struggling to differentiate myself as a copywriter. After working with Heather, I realized that my strengths, professional experiences and passions all pointed to one aspect of marketing – storytelling in business. With this focused niche, all the pieces have started to fall into place for me. When I tell people I am The Story Stylist, I love to see their eyes light up, hear them say “Oh, wow, tell me more.”

Now I have a clear vision of what I have to offer the world, which enables me to make decisions in line with my business and my brand. I feel like I’m finally on course with my marketing too. Whether you are just starting out or you’ve been in business for years, if your brand is off, your business will be too. I will highly recommend Heather to my own clients and to anyone who wants help aligning what they offer with the right customers, and nail their brand image in the process.

Debora McLaughlin

Author of The Renegade Leader & upcoming Running in Heels
The Renegade Leader Coaching and Consulting Group
Author of The Renegade Leader & upcoming Running in Heels

Like many business owners, I knew I was on the cusp of a big launch, everything was falling into place, clients I loved working with, services that caused transformations in leaders and in organizations, but I was missing one thing…the key words that clearly and concisely indicated what I do.

Heather was able to easily extract my message from my dissertation of words and filter it down to a powerful message. In 3 hours I walked away with an elevator speech that is compelling and as professional as the top leaders I want to attract, the three key points and benefit statements of what I deliver that can be used in any interview, conversation and as the core of my Running in High Heels book and the introduction of my signature speech!

Having a clear concise message will distinguish me from my competitors, attract highly vested and invested clients and allow me to do the work I want to do in the world. I am now free from the struggle of not knowing how to clearly articulate the transformational power of what I deliver to potential clients.

If you are struggling in any area of your business message or brand platform, see Heather. She is quickly able to click your puzzle pieces together and to form the box cover of what you do, who you do it for, why you do it and the results it provides. This alone will distinguish you as an expert and attract more revenue easily into your business.

Kathleen Delaney Campbell

Quickbooks Advisors
KDC Accounting Solutions

I wanted to grow my business, but I was having a difficult time choosing a name which was preventing me from developing a marketing plan. As Heather took me through exercises to define my niche and create a succinct elevator pitch, my new business name became clear. As a result, I was finally able to move forward and buy my domain name, start to build my website and begin working on my marketing materials. I am really good at understanding the financial side of planning a business, but I’m not as adept at communicating about my business. Heather was able to listen to me describe my business and guide me in creating marketing materials.

Doing the concentrated session of a VIP Day really helped me to stay focused and energized. However,the best part of working with Heather was her positive, enthusiastic energy. It’s obvious she loves what she’s doing and is amazing at being able to listen to your thoughts and ideas and then turn them into a polished finished product!

Kathy Vines

Professional Organizer

I already had some good ideas about what I wantd my business to be, but I needed to be challenged to get from good concepts to a great plan. Heather helped me take enthusiasm and turn into focused energy, which I really needed to go forward with a more streamlined plan for my business.

She really was able to help me think through how to balance and marry different aspirations I had into something that felt more cohesive, easier to speak about, and easier to sell. Sometimes it takes working with someone who can get your thoughts out of your head and out on the table, so that you can really get them to where they need to be. Heather brings great experience to helping clients through that awkward process, and helps them get to a graceful outcome.

Denise Costello

RN, MS, Fit Foodie

I came to Heather because I was starting my business The Energized Body -to provide moms fun practical solutions for preparing healthy meals the whole family will enjoy. I was struggling with how to best communicate my message, services and identify my market. After working with Heather I had the confidence and a clear,concise message that communicated my passion. The true test was when I was interviewed by a reporter for the Patch. The article was brilliant! http://patch.com/A-j4sG – The reporter was able to identify exactly who I was and what unique services I had to offer. I give Heather the credit for the great article because I went into it the interview knowing my story and exactly how to clearly communicate my message. Thank you, thank you Heather!!

Sibel Babacan

Certified Life & Productivity Coach

A delight to work with, Heather brings her many talents and backgrounds to her branding business and she is very generous in sharing her expertise. She focuses fully on her client and is able to bring out their key attributes with ease. I admire Heather’s patience and gentle push while empowering her clients with creative thinking.

Paula Solomon

Midlife Transition Life Coach

I always knew that marketing was not something that came naturally for me. I decided to work with Heather when I realized that I was not making the progress I wanted in my attempts to better clarify a niche for my life coaching business. Heather’s approach of starting with who I was and what I valued enabled me to define my business in a way that felt authentic and meaningful. I now feel much better able to clearly describe the kind of clients I love to work with and share my passion for how I can help them. Heather’s style is very supportive, yet held me accountable to continue moving forward, and she was very effective in helping me create clarity from my half-formed ideas. I would highly recommend her to others who are struggling with finding a more comfortable style of marketing as I was.

Dolores Bonaccorso

Stylist & Artist

As I am a naturally shy person, I was nervous as I started the branding process, however, I moved forward because I know Heather to be a kind and sensitive woman. Going through the process I also learned she has a gentle manner and keen intuition. She knew how to ask the right questions that directed me into myself and shifted my perspective. As a result, I feel more grounded and genuine. I would encourage anyone who is looking for a person to guide them in the process of personal branding to start here. This has been an exciting process that has redefined my self-image and my life. I am truly grateful.

Linda. T

Holly Springs, NC

I started working with Heather when I realized I needed to fine tune my niche and target market in order to grow my acupuncture practice further. Working with Heather really helped me uncover passions and expertise that I never acknowledged before or was aware I even had. With Heather’s encouragement and insight, I am now able to present my skills in a more focused and concise manner. This has been especially important as I have since moved to a different state and will put these results to use in finding a new job.

Jennifer Truesdale

Vocal Coach and Music Career Coach

As a business owner, particularly a creative business owner, I often get so immersed in the “doing” of my business that I sometimes find it difficult to step outside of my little bubble and see what needs to be done to expand my business. Working with Heather Poduska at Clear Voice Branding was exactly what I needed! Heather has an incredible gift for helping business owners, especially women business owners, gain greater clarity on why, where and how to grow and expand their endeavors. Her knowledge and skill is matched only by her incredible enthusiasm and energy. If you are starting or expanding a business you definitely need to talk with Heather!

Jeannie Spiro

The Entrepreneur Creator (TM)

I came to Heather wanting to create a brand that would help me stand out as well as create a strong presence in my field. I needed more clarity to create a consistent message around what I uniquely offer and whom I best serve. I also wanted to create a more polished professional image to match my level of expertise as I am looking to become known as a sought out speaker in my field.

It was terrific working with Heather. I felt like she really understood what I was looking for. Not only did she have great ideas, she was also easy to work with. I found talking through my ideas with her and getting her expert feedback to be extremely helpful. I now have a clear plan to follow as to what I need to do to create a brand that authentically represents me and my business.

I am really excited about making all the changes recommended and about the new look. I also feel great because I know this work will not only help me be seen as a leader, but also with my own growth.

Working with Heather is a must! It is well worth the time and investment and should be done at the beginning of starting a business. It’s a real no-brainer!

Jeannie Spiro is The Entrepreneur Creator (TM). Jeannie specializes in helping professionals successfully transition from corporate life to entrepreneurship.

Trish O'Neill

Professional Speaker, Cancer Survivor, Safety Expert

I had an opportunity to work with Heather which was an experience of a lifetime. In overcoming adversity on a daily basis in my personal and professional life,  Heather validated my unique characteristics and provided me with priceless tools in order to get more clients and be the best I can be. She taught me how to channel my signature speech to the appropriate audiences without changing my message. Prior to working with Heather, I found myself so overwhelmed with content  to share in my speeches. I also  lacked the right methodology to use in preparing and presenting my signature speech.  I truly felt Heather’s authenticity as she showed an invested interest in my story. She reiterated over and over to focus on the results I wanted . We all want successful  results. In working with Heather, she encouraged me to polish my story, prepared me to pitch my elevator speech to different focus groups and then use the same words used to describe me in my speech,  As an Inspirational Speaker, I don’t know if I would have come so far in these past two months without Heather and utilizing her expertise in so many areas. Working with Heather fueled my spirit and set me on the right path to success, she is a true gift.  I wish I worked with her long before now.  However I’m excited to be a repeat client and  very encouraged when my friends want to know what I’ve been doing, as they have noticed a difference in my presentation and mindset . Thank you Heather.