4 Sure Fire Ways to Attract Ideal Clients

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March 26, 2014
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April 9, 2014

Almost every business owner I know wants the same thing, a roster full of ideal clients. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Just imagine looking at your client list and loving every name on it because not only are they all totally awesome people, but because these awesome people recognize and value the service or products you provide and are willing to pay your fees. Now that would be pretty cool.

Well, it doesn’t have to be  just a pipe-dream. It is possible to attract ideal clients without as much difficulty as you might think. You just have to know what you are doing. There are some secrets, it’s not magic, but they sure work like magic. And the reason they work is because they tap into what is very natural for all people, emotions. (Ok, there’s the rare sociopath, but hopefully that’s not your target market anyway!)

Too often when trying to connect with ideal clients, entrepreneurs speak to their prospects’ heads instead of to their hearts. And while there certainly is a time to be logical and straightforward, it is not in the attraction phase of a client relationship. Think about it, when you are considering whether or not to date someone, are you making that decision primarily with your head or your heart? We make those decisions on how the other person makes us feel. In fact, we might even choose someone who doesn’t look perfect on paper because of the wonderful little butterflies we feel when we’re around them.

Now think about what that means for your business. You could be the smartest person in the room or have the best programs out there, but if you don’t know how to connect with your audience on an emotional level, you are going to leave the dance alone. Let’s fix that, shall we?

Here a four tips to make ideal clients swoon over you:

1. Make it about them, not you. Ever been on a date where the other person talks about themselves the entire time? It’s obnoxious, right? Well, it’s a turn off to potential clients as well. You need to focus on them, on their wants and needs not on how great you are. In order to do even that much, however, you have to get inside their heads so you have an intimate understanding of who they are and what it is they actually do want. You must know exactly who your ideal client is.

2. Understand their pain. You must know what is getting in the way of your clients having what they want whether what they want is to spend more time with their family or quit smoking. They are struggling with obstacles which are making their life less than ideal. It is your job to identify and speak to those obstacles. Sometimes potential clients are not aware of what their pain is in which case, it is important for you to help them articulate it.

3. Paint the dream. Everyone loves a fairy tale ending. Hollywood has built a multi-billion dollar industry on happy endings. Your job is to paint the dream for potential clients. What is possible for them if they work with you or buy your products? How will their life change? What transformation is possible? Will they look better, feel better or make more money? What will that look like in their lives or business?

4. Mind the gap. Once you have made an effort to understand your potential clients, you’ve identified their pain and you’ve painted their dream, you must make them aware you are the bridge between where they are now and where they want to be. You are the answer they need. You can take them to the other side. You have the information or expertise that will transform their lives.

When you do all four of these steps, you position yourself as a client magnet. Ideal clients will start to come out of the woodwork because you will be making yourself more attractive to them. Who wouldn’t fall for someone who takes the time to get to know and truly understand them, who recognizes and wants to meet their needs and who makes their wildest dreams come true! When you become that person, your dance card will be full.

I love to hear your voice!

What do you do to attract ideal clients? What confuses you most about how to connect with your audience?

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